Venture U | 4.17

The month of April brings our first Venture U update!

Andrew Okello leads the Venture U workshop at Nyabitusi Secondary School

This month, we conducted a two-day Venture U workshop at the Nyabitusi Secondary School in Kamwenge District, Uganda. The school is a private boarding school in a poor, rural area. Some of the students are orphans, and many of them moved long distances to attend the school. Because of your membership, the students Nyabitusi Secondary School received basic business education and a vision for how entrepreneurship can change their community.

Students and teachers listen to the speaker during the workshop

It was a huge success! The students were encouraged by the workshop, and they promised to channel their inspiration towards starting their own businesses. The teachers, too, were encouraged, and they expressed interest in putting more effort into the school garden as a business. The teachers said the the Venture U material was easier to understand than any of the business material the school taught before. We are hopeful that the lessons from the Venture U workshop prepared many of the students and teachers to embark on successful business enterprises to benefit themselves and their local economy.

The Kamwenge District is in Western Uganda and has some of the worst poverty levels in the country. The economy primarily depends on its agriculture. With the business training that the Nyabitusi Secondary School provided through Venture U, the students and teachers there can start bringing business into the Kamwenge District. We are excited to see what they do!

Students stand up front to work with Andrew

Thank you for giving up some of your own resources to help the students and teachers at Nyabitusi Secondary School!

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