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A Team For The Ages — The Minds, Hands and Hearts Behind Cross The Ages

Cross the Ages is more than just a game. It is a digital universe where fantasy and science fiction meet and bridge the real world with the digital world. The beautifully dark and dystopian universe that Cross The Ages is set upon is simply a masterpiece, one that was built piece by piece by a team of the most talented artists, writers, developers, and business advisors in their respective industries. With over one hundred people involved with the design and development of this project, it is simply not possible to attribute the beauty and detail of this game to any one individual. Please take a moment to meet some of the brilliant minds behind the creation of Cross the Ages.


Fajareka Setiawan — Digital Illustrator — Concept Artist

Fajareka Setiawan is an Indonesian freelance illustrator and concept artist who has used his marvelous talents to create intricately detailed and extravagant works of art. His formal education began in 2009 at the Institute of the Art Yogyakarta in Indonesia, majoring in visual communication design. However, his passion for illustration could not be ignored, and midway through his semester, he took a job as a comic artist with a local comic company. While Fajareka did his best to come up with storylines, he knew his strengths were in drawing and devoted all of his efforts to honing his skills. In 2014 he took an internship position at Caravan Studio and it is here that Fajareka was able to meet and learn from many great artists like Lius Lasahido, who offered him a position at Polar Engine Studio.

Diego Gisbert Llorens — Illustrator — Concept Artist

Hailing from Madrid, Spain, Diego is an illustrator, concept artist, fine artist, and former art teacher with a traditional art background. His teaching career encompassed two full terms at the esteemed private art and animation school ESDIP, where he taught traditional illustration and digital painting/concept art in 2011. However, his professional career as an artist began in 2007, when he took a position as a concept artist for Mercury Steam Entertainment. His focus during his early years with the company was character design for the popular game Castlevania: Lords of Shadow and continued onward with Lords of Shadow 2. After some time his responsibilities and duties increased and included designing creatures, props, environments, storyboards, and more.

Mikael Bourguoin — Characters and Creature Design

From his days as a young child in Lyon, France, Mikael demonstrated a fascination and skill for art and illustrations. His talents earned him a technical diploma for illustration, with a specialty in layout and design. Shortly after receiving this accolade, he was accepted to the prestigious Emile Cohl Institute, where he was able to focus on his true artistic passion, comic book illustrations. From 2006 to 2009, Mikael published a three-part comic series called Codex Angelique and later worked in Shanghai, creating storyboards for the series’ first two volumes.

Jesus Conde — Illustrator — Concept Artist

Jesus is a talented concept artist who is the art director and co-founder of Cotufa Animation Studios. He got his start in 2003 working at Artificial Studios in Los Angeles, California. There, he played an integral part in creating the studios’ game engine known as Reality Engine. After several years and acquiring a wealth of experience and knowledge, Jesus moved on and took a position as Concept Artist at Boanerges Studios in January of 2006. Two years later, he made the move to his native country of Venezuela to build what soon became one of the top 3D animation studios in the region, Cotufa Animation Studios. Throughout his career, Jesus’ commitment to detail and excellence has been evident in his body of work, which includes working on projects such as League of Legends and ARK 2.

Lee Jeehyung — Concept Artist and Art Design

Jeehyung Lee was born and raised in South Korea and has amassed an impressive resume of projects over the span of his professional career. Juuhyung has diversified as very few have in his industry. He’s worked with comic book giants Marvel and DC, designing several covers for both. He has also designed album covers for popular artists like K-POP and SG Wannabe, as well as created two original characters that have found a home in Marvel Future Fight. His Instagram page is full of his incredible designs and gives viewers a taste of what he is capable of.

Juan Pablo Roldan — Concept Artist

Juan is a bright and talented concept artist that hails from Colombia. His professional career spans almost a decade and includes working on top-tier projects in both film and video games. This includes the popular Netflix series Love, Death, and Robots, and games such as Bloodshot and Demon’s Souls. His network is broad and he has worked with several leading studios like Square Enix, BluePoint Games, Blur Studio, Off the Box Pictures, Axis Animation, Valiant Entertainment, and many others across the world.


Arnaud Dollen — Main Author

Our lead author for Cross The Ages is Arnaud Dollen, an accomplished writer whose body of work includes a 4-part fantasy comic book series Surnaturels. Though he earned a degree in Science and Space Engineering from the National School of Aeronautical Construction Engineers (ENSICA), Arnaud demonstrated a passion for writing back when he was a young child. Over the years, his creativity took the reins as he developed characters and backstories for what would become his crown jewel, Surnaturels. His role in Cross the Ages began early in its development, as the cross-media ambition of the project captivated him and lured him into the world of blockchain game development. His scientific roots provided him with the tools to construct a remarkable and believable universe and the unique characters found in it.

Laurence Coriat — Scriptwriter

Laurence is a native French screenwriter who has also directed short films. The latter of which includes teaming with British filmmaker Michael Winterbottom on a Cannes nominee, Wonderland, and recipient of the Best British Independent Film award in 1989. Other films she was a part of include Hunky Dory, Patagonia, Me Without You, and more recently, Coriat wrote for the popular crime drama series, McMafia in 2018.

Corinne Martel — Author and Writer

Corinne was born in France in 1969 and developed a passion for writing at a very young age, having been recognized countless times for her poetry and literary pieces over the years. Her fascination for creative writing led her to write her first novel And You Still Live, which was published in 2016 and received top reviews from critics. Eventually, Corinne gravitated towards a career in the ever-growing world of video games, making her a perfect fit for our team.


Adrien Moisson — Artistic Director

Adrien brings with him a robust mix of talents and passions. He graduated from the National Veterinary School of Toulouse and while working at Sanofi, developed a line of veterinary medicine for rabbits. This experience helped him cue in on his knack for marketing and branding, which led him to study business and marketing at the renowned ESCP Business school in Paris, France. During this time in 2001, Adrien co-founded his own record label called Musiques Hybrides. Through it, he produced artists, organized concerts and festivals, music videos, and more. In 2004, with his creative instincts ripening to their peak, Adrien founded a major production company called Eleganz and in 2012 created the Splendens Factory, a hybrid of Eleganz that specializes in special events, new tech, and artistic direction.

Gaming Production

Julien Kuhn — Unity Developer

Julien is a creator at heart with a passion for dynamic video game animation and gameplay. His experience in level design includes working on projects such as Doom, Portal 2, and Raining Cubes. Julien has also held positions designing levels at top-tier gaming companies such as CHIBIPHOENIX, KEYVEO, and Lions Games Studios. His experience and energy are a welcoming addition to our team.


Richard Esteve

While Richard’s area of expertise lies mainly in financial markets and international law, his business acumen led him to acquire and bolster Parisian fashion house Michael Klein, and tackle the world of Real Estate. He acquired the Hôtel de l’avenir in 2016 and renovated the run-down building from floor to ceiling, converting it to the upscale structure we know today. He is a graduate of both ESCP Business School and Université de Limoges, earning a Master’s degree in International Environmental Law from the former.

Truly, A Team for the Ages

The contributions made by each of these incredible professionals have set Cross of Ages on a trajectory very few projects in the blockchain gaming space will enjoy. While we are constantly developing our game, we will continue to scour the world of game engineering and design to add more exceptional talent to our team — ensuring you enjoy an unsurpassed play-to-earn experience.

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