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A Team For The Ages: The Minds, Hands, and Hearts Behind Cross The Ages — Chapter Two

Cross the Ages is more than just a game. It is a universe where fantasy and science fiction meet; where there is a bridge between the real world and the digital world. The beautifully dark and dystopian universe that Cross the Ages is set upon is simply a masterpiece, one that was built piece by piece by a plethora of talent and background. With more than one hundred people involved with the design and development of this project, it is simply not possible to attribute the beauty and detail of this game to any one individual. It is through the collective effort of decorated artists, writers, developers, and business advisors that this game is coming to fruition.


Christopher de Courson (Chairman & Co-Founder)

Christopher has been no stranger to achieving milestones throughout his professional career. From 2013 to 2016, he led the charge at PeeeM as the company’s CEO. Under Christopher’s watch, this next-gen anonymous messaging platform became the fastest growing start-up in 2013 amassing over 1 million users in just one month. In 2018 he took his first official steps into DeFi when he Co-Founded Olymp Capital, a European blockchain and crypto fund based in Luxembourg. In 2020 he Co-Founded Cross the Ages and then Dubai-based Mensis Capital a year later.

Ting Peng (CMO)

After earning not one, but two Master’s degrees from Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore (Business/Corporate Communications) and Pusan National University (International/Global Studies), Ting earned a position at one of the most trusted sources for crypto and blockchain news, CoinTelegraph. However, this accomplishment was outdone by Ting when she was named Editor-In-Chief after just 7 months on the job. Ting is fluent in Chinese, Korean, and English and is also a former university teacher.


Alex Constad (Concept Artist and Illustrator)

Alex joins the CTA team with a wealth of experience in art design for several premier gaming entities and beyond. This includes Blizzard Entertainment, Shieldbreak games. Sony Online Entertainment, Fantasy Flight Games, and many more. Based in Santa Monica, California, Alex’s artistic passion draws inspiration from the imaginative exploration of characters, creatures, illustration, and world-building. His vast and impressive portfolio includes works that feature Scifi Genre Painting, Fantasy Genre Painting, Photoshop, traditional acrylic painting, pen and ink, drawing, traditional sculpting, and maquette/miniature painting.

Dibujante Nocturno — A.K.A. Francisco Garces (Concept Artist — Environment Artist — Creatures Designer)

The man known to many as the “Dibujante Nocturno” is one of the most renowned concept artists in all of Spain. His talents were harnessed not by an expensive art school, but by his own mind and love for his craft, as he was self-taught. Garces focuses on creating dark and larger-than-life fantasy art and creatures which have been featured on many books and album covers. His art has captured the attention of hundreds of thousands of fans that stay up to date on his creations via his Instagram page.

Campbell White (Concept Artist — Illustrator)

After completing his studies at the University of Virginia — earning a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, Philosophy, and Studio Art — Campbell went on to graduate from the ArtCenter College of Design, majoring in Entertainment Design. He continued following his passion once his formal education ended and held positions as a concept artist/illustrator at Hotopp Associates, Legendary Entertainment, Blind Wink Productions, Sony Santa Monica, and Wizards of the Coast. Apart from being a freelance artist, Campbell has also broadened his scope of expertise to design theme parks.

Max Schiller (Concept Artist & Illustrator)

Born and based in Germany, Max followed his passion for drawing and painting at an early age and was soon determined to make a career out of it. His hard work, dedication, and talent allowed him to create immersive worlds for several cinematic movies and video games. He also gives seminars to other aspiring artists and illustrators, providing valuable insights into his artistic process with each new project he takes on.

Yayashin (Illustrator — Concept Artist — Characters Artist)

Born in Strasbourg in 1979, Bruno Wagner, AKA Yayashin, is an illustrator, character artist, and concept artist with over 20 years of experience in the industry. After graduating with an applied arts degree in 1979, Yayashin went to work making a name for himself as a web designer and Flash animator. However, his true passions, illustration and concept art, continued calling and it was these talents that opened many doors for Yayashin. The extent of his work includes creating designs for publications such as FX Magazine, CHARLESTON Mag, CFSL Artbook, and EXPOSE — EXOTIQUE Artbook. He has also designed pieces for several blockchain, NFT, and gaming entities such as Rarible, Opensea, Kolectiv, Playdigious, Metis, Astra Games, Rocket Studio, CodingGame, and many others.

Viko Menez (Concept Artist — Illustrator)

Viko is a talented Brazilian digital illustrator and concept artist based in the city of Santa Maria. Over the past 10 years, he has helped create immersive worlds and larger-than-life characters for several top-tier games. As of late, Viko has shifted his focus towards developing his projects and is currently creating a sci-fi illustration series called The Last Drifter.

Gaming Production & Blockchain

Cynthia Ceruleo (Rigger)

Hailing from Nîmes, France, Cynthia’s early professional career as a veterinary assistant allowed her to develop her passion for animals, which she combines with her other passion (art), whenever possible. Her training in 2D/3D computer graphics and rigging, and her ability to work well with a team, make her the perfect fit for CTA. She has worked on many independent projects such as World Edge, Gilmi Ranch, and Death from Above, the latter of which was selected to compete for the 2022 Pegase Gaming Awards.

Theo Saragas (Lead Character Artist — 3D)

Theo is another French native based in Marseille, Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur. He earned a diploma in Applied Arts and Communication from ESDAC, School of Design, and Computer Graphics from Créajeux. He boasts a wide range of artistic skills which include 3D modeling, digital painting, illustration, and is well versed in programs such as Unreal Engine, Adobe, and Maya. Theo has worked as a character artist for projects such as Nameless XIII and an animator for Ville de Mar.

Matthieu Hayoz (Blockchain Expert)

Matthieu is a project/product manager with over 8 years of experience in product research, development, and support in market-leading international firms. PMP, Product owner, and Scrum Master certifications. He has earned degrees from EPFL (Master’s degree, Microengineering) Stanford University (Master’s degree, Biomecanics), and Collège St-Michel (Federal Maturity, Physics; Applied Mathematics). His professional experience includes working with Stanford University, ROLEX, Porini Foundation. Matthieu is a big believer in blockchain’s potential to revolutionize a number of industries and has developed a strong passion for this technology.

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