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4 min readOct 11, 2022


As we previously published, we are partnering with Immutable X, a leading layer-2 blockchain designed for community-first scalability. Our priority is to ensure that Cross the Ages: TCG is built from the ground up on the best foundation possible.

Now that Cross The Ages: TCG Early Access will soon be available for Arkhante pack holders, it’s finally time for gaming! but first…

Let us guide you through migrating your NFTs from Polygon to Immutable X. See our step-by-step guide below!

Early Access Stages

The Early Access will be launched in stages:

You will have more than 12 hours, starting October 12, 4am UTC to:

  • Make a game account
  • Bridge your pack (premium or standard)
  • Download the game

Once this stage ends around 4pm UTC, every premium pack holder will be able to log in to the game, open their pack, make a deck & play.

Standard pack holders will have to wait until either 1,000 premium packs have been opened or 4 hours have lapsed.

We have staged the launch in order to make sure that everyone will be available and ready to open their pack and have a fair chance of receiving one of the first cards. As you now know, every card is numbered depending on when the pack is opened.

Bridging from Polygon to IMX: Step-by-Step

All steps below are executed within the Bridge application:

1) Register your account using an email and a password. Please note that this is the account you will also use to log yourself in the game later.

2) Validate your account via the link in your confirmation email

3) Sign in with your game account on the bridge application

4) Link your polygon wallet using MetaMask by signing a nonce

5) Decide if you want to bridge a Standard or Premium pack

6) Choose the pack you want to bridge from the list.

7) Sign the transaction in MetaMask and wait for the bridge to be completed. Once confirmed this CAN NOT be undone.


  • You can only select & bridge one pack per account!
  • Legacy packs are not bridgeable yet! They will be activated in phase 2 on 10/19/2022.

Followed all the steps?

Great job, you’ve done it! You have successfully migrated your Cross The Ages Arkhante pack from Polygon to Immutable X!

Once everyone is ready to open their packs, the download ability of the game will be unlocked. You will then be able to open your pack, make a deck and play the game. This will take place at approximately 4 pm UTC on the 12th of October. Get ready!

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About Cross The Ages

Cross The Ages (CTA) is a mobile-first collectible card game set in a dystopian clash of worlds, based on seven fantasy and science fiction novels. Players compete individually and in teams for valuable NFTs while going on Metaverse quests to discover priceless ‘easter eggs’ hidden in the novels. CTA, built on blockchain technology, offers a full value cycle from mobile gaming to desktop gaming, then finally to physical collectible cards, leveraging near-field communication technology. CTA’s first-of-its-kind gaming experience and striking artwork have already captured the attention of 600,000 community members worldwide.



CTA Team
Cross The Ages

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