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Cross The Ages: The Next Generation of Collecting

Cross the Ages is revolutionizing the gaming landscape with an innovative NFT collectible card game (CCG) that welcomes veteran players and novices alike. One of the main features users can benefit from is having full ownership of their NFT playing cards that can be purchased, sold, traded, and even converted into physical versions of each digital asset. It’s an ecosystem that caters to players who love an immersive metaverse experience and also to those who prefer the more traditional method of tabletop games with friends. This seamless integration of digital and physical collectible card gaming makes CTA a very promising player in a market in need of a true disruptor.

A Cut Above the Rest

In an NFT gaming space that has become all but saturated with CCGs, Cross the Ages aims to rise above the status quo to deliver unsurpassed gameplay and earning opportunities for its players. From the onset, our developers were determined to create more than just a gaming application for CCG lovers. To separate ourselves from the pack, CTA offers its users to take part in a comprehensive play-to-earn dystopian universe.

We also wanted to provide players with a level of convenience not found in the current selection of blockchain CCGs. As such, CTA is the only NFT game that enables the full value chain cycle from digital cards on mobile phones. This includes decentralized and mintable non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on a blockchain to physical cards in the real world that are secured with near field communication NFC). With a simple touch of a cell phone, this innovative technology enables users to initiate safe transactions, transfer digital content, and connect to our metaverse. Over time, features like this will allow for more players to enter our ecosystem, contributing to the overall growth in value of the assets they own.


Purchasing and selling NFTs that appreciate in value is one way players can generate revenue in the CTA metaverse. However, there is another method that our gamers can leverage to boost their profits more passively. Players have the option to lend the NFTs they are not currently using to others in the game. This provides a two-fold benefit: First, it addresses a barrier to entry for new users who may not have an adequate number of cards to play or lack the capital to make a large purchase. Secondly, the player lending the card will be compensated for the transaction and earn revenue from an asset that otherwise would not be used. Once the two parties agree on a price and term limit, a smart contract executes the transfer and return of the NFT to its original owner when the term has been completed.

The Power of Blockchain

Cross the Ages leverages blockchain technology for several reasons. It ensures players can accumulate a multitude of cards that will not be subject to any form of deterioration. Furthermore, players can rely on full transparency and trace the membership history of each of these digital and physical cards to verify its authenticity, thus eradicating the threat of counterfeits and frauds. Players will also have the opportunity to benefit from additional DeFi features such as staking their NFTs to earn more passive revenue.

More on Minting and NFC Transactions

To assure players that each NFT card is unique and irreplaceable, a limited timeframe for minting digital cards will be applied. Once a new collection becomes available to our community, minting the previous collection will no longer be possible. Smart contacts also safeguard the authenticity of all physical collectible cards and use an encrypted code that connects them to the blockchain through near-field communication technology. Players will then be able to verify that their cards are authentic and that they are the sole owner of a unique collectible card.

Merging the digital and physical cards creates a more rare and valuable asset being produced. Players who opt for Off-chain merging of the digital cards in-game will require Gold to do so. This is our second in-game token and is also referred to as our “soft currency”. It is a stable token and since it is off-chain, it is not tradeable. On-chain merging of NFTs, on the other hand, will require players to utilize $CTA tokens.

More Marketplaces, More Options, More Profits

Players that mint on-chain NFTs will have the option to trade their assets on top-tier EVM compatible marketplaces. This includes Opensea, the largest NFT marketplace in the world, and our internal marketplace. Physical cards also provide the opportunity to connect with other collectors as CTA has formed a partnership with Cardmarket, the largest global marketplace for physical trading cards.

Changing the NFT Gaming Market for the Better

The Cross the Ages team is forever grateful to our enthusiastic community that has grown immensely in a very short time. We welcome CCG players across the globe to join us and take part in a one-of-a-kind NFT Collectible Card Game with play-to-earn mechanics and gameplay that will not be found in any other gaming ecosystem.

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