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The 3 Keys to Our Metaverse — Inclusive, Dynamic, and Innovative

How Should a Metaverse Look?

There is a wide range of opinions when it comes to what a proper metaverse should look like, but there are a set of rules that we feel are a key component to offering an optimal experience. When it comes to Cross The Ages, we’re looking to develop a game that’s going to grow well into the future (as opposed to simply capitalizing on the current metaverse buzz).

The metaverse is meant to serve as a space for the trading of digital goods, providing them with a monetary value, while also serving as a “host” to these digital assets. It gives people from all over the world an opportunity to become part of something larger in more ways than one.

Opportunity for All Walks of Life

Whether it’s economic opportunity, social interaction, or technical developments, the metaverse is meant to be an all-in-one experience that serves the likes of everybody. Providing our users with both an enjoyable and thought-provoking experience is the ultimate goal here at Cross The Ages. If we can help people inject a bit of happiness and “meaning” into their lives through the metaverse, it would make this the most impactful project ever developed by our team.

This isn’t something that will be completed in the near future, but getting in on a massive project like this early on is almost a surefire way to set yourself up for the next decade.

Our 3 Key Strengths


The packs available in Cross The Ages are very affordable, allowing people to participate regardless of their financial situation. The NFT market is capable of pushing people away through overpriced packs and collections, but Cross The Ages gives all users a fair shot at packing something rare (regardless of your pack price).

The 2 factions available in Cross The Ages aren’t meant to be a “right or wrong” choice. They are simply meant to help place players accordingly. Players can choose whatever they would like; it’s all about personal preference in Cross The Ages. Players build their collections as they see fit, and play the game at their own pace! The game is free-to-play and will take into account what community members have to say — after all, we plan on developing the game to be as expansive as possible.

Whether you join Arkhante, Mantris, or remain in the Rift region, there will always be a viable metaverse gaming experience ready for you.


The three distinct regions we’ve created in Cross The Ages are equipped with deep lore, integrated characters/cards, and a unique universe that you won’t find anywhere else. Since we are always taking community members’ opinions into account, it means they can truly help us build the world to be even better and larger than before.

Players don’t have to play the game like anybody else, because they are a unique individual that deserves a game that fulfills their desires. If collecting is your forte, you can purchase packs and build your deck as you would in a traditional manner. Those of you who enjoy the grind of gaming can choose to focus on playing and earning the best rewards possible. Creators can help shape the future by assisting with development, as well as curating/creating art to be used for in-game NFTs.

The opportunities are not only dynamic but also seemingly endless when it comes to Cross The Ages. That was our goal from the very beginning, and we are on the right track to accomplish everything we’ve set out to do.


Innovation is something that is scarce in the metaverse realm, mainly because everyone is trying to capitalize on the current buzz. While other metaverse games are luring in players for a quick buck, we’re focused on the future here at Cross The Ages — as mentioned multiple times before, our approach is a lengthy one when it comes to traditional development cycles.

Most projects want their games to be pumped out and finished within a year, but Cross The Ages is looking to develop a decade worth of lore through the release of 7 books in total. With the integration of NFCs (physical NFTs), in-game rewards, and massive profit potential when it comes to early investors, Cross The Ages is one of the most innovative metaverse gaming experiences you will find right now.

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This is an opportunity you don’t want to miss out on. Don’t just take our word for it though! Connect with us to get a sneak peek at upcoming releases, new art, and plenty of other exclusive things that only our most dedicated fans can see.

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