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The $CTA Token: Fueling an Expansive and Dynamic P2E Metaverse

Cross the Ages features a dynamic in-game economy powered by a super-utility token known as $CTA. It will serve as the catalyst for all on-chain activities and provide holders and stakers with numerous benefits such as higher revenue-generating and gameplay advantages. $CTA also provides access to exclusive Guilds, tournaments, and allocates important governance rights to those who provide liquidity.

$CTA is an in-game currency designed to support the intricacies of our play-to-earn ecosystem and the growing needs of the players who participate in our game.

Meet $CTA, The Next-Generation of NFT Gaming Utility Tokens

$CTA is designed to go above and beyond what NFT gamers have come to expect from their in-game utility tokens. It will grant major advantages to holders and stakers, providing them numerous avenues to boost profit-earning potential.

For starters, $CTA will serve as the in-game currency that enables players to purchase digital playing cards. They can also use their tokens to merge cards and purchase exclusive booster packs. The process of merging creates new cards that are higher in rarity and value. This two-pronged benefit allows players to use more powerful cards in the game and provides them with a more valuable asset, should they choose to sell it on the marketplace.

Spawning and Renting NFTs, NFCs

Purchasing and merging digital playing cards with $CTA is only a part of the fun that awaits you. Once your collection is set, players will have the opportunity to mint and merge NFTs from their cards, thus creating more valuable NFTs. NFC cards can also be printed and upon doing so, the NFTs will be frozen as digital cards. These NFTs can then be sold or rented to other players in exchange for $CTA.

Stake to Earn

$CTA holders are encouraged to stake their tokens to take advantage of additional profit-earning benefits. First, staking $CTA will offer players a chance to generate passive revenue with an attractive APY% (to be defined at a later date). Staking will also enhance our users’ gameplay experience with benefits such as saving time to progress through the game, access to exclusive NFTs, Guild competitions and tournaments, and content.

$CTA stakers will also get preferential access to our Metaverse land sale during its initial launch. We also empower our stakers with governance rights which put the future of Cross The Ages in their hands. Liquidity providers will have a hand in the development of Cross the Ages by voting in important ecosystem decisions.

$CTA by the Numbers

The total supply of $CTA minted will be 1,000,000,000 with no future mints possible to eliminate any chance of inflation. Tokens will be distributed to stakeholders as follows:

Fundraising — 25 % of the tokens are allocated for fundraising as follows:

  • Private and Seed Investors — the contributors that participated in the private sale round — 20.7% (207,000,000 tokens)
  • Community Pre-Sale — 2.3% of the tokens are allocated for the community pre-sale (23,000,000 tokens)
  • Launchpads — 2% of the tokens are allocated for the public community sale on credible tier 1 launchpads (20,000,000 tokens)

Long-Term Rewards — long term community rewards — 20% (200,000,000 tokens)

Marketing — to ensure excellent marketing efforts — 7% (70,000,000 tokens)

Development — to ensure development efforts — 5% (50,000,000 tokens)

Reserve and Treasury — reserve and treasure for future fundraising — 25% (250,000,000 tokens)

Advisors — rewarding the advisors for their effort to our success 3% (30,000,000 tokens)

Graphics Team — rewarding our design and graphics team for their effort to our success 3% (30,000,000 tokens)

Founding Team — rewarding the core team members for their full-time effort to our success 12% (120,000,000 tokens)

A Token Built for Our Community

As the number $CTA utilities continue to grow, our team will take into account the feedback and desires of our gaming community every step of the way. This has been a top priority from the beginning and ensures that the interests of our team, players, and supporters are consistently aligned throughout all stages of our development, thus promoting the widespread use of $CTA and expansion of our ecosystem.

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