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What Makes Cross The Ages Special?

From an outsider’s perspective, Cross The Ages is more than just a gaming project. They’re looking to deliver a game that is rich with culture and lore that players can bury themselves in, allowing members of the CTA community to discover all that Artellium has to offer.

Whether it’s the heroes who are meant to lead in the field of battle or just general background information to fill the gaps, this is something that has garnered quite a lot of interest in the past few months. Many are fans of games like Magic: The Gathering because of the lore and this project will be the perfect way to combine the recent and exponentially growing crypto craze with the passion of collecting trading cards.

There are well over 100 dedicated staff members working around the clock to ensure that Cross The Ages is an NFT and trading card experience that is unforgettable. They are working directly with artists to create the perfect vision for each card, capturing every little detail that could add to the story.

Trading cards are perceived as being strictly a physical hobby, but the use of NFTs and blockchain technology has allowed a project like Cross The Ages to change the way people play and collect! This is the first game to ever offer users the option to collect their NFTs physically through physical activation.

Not only is that incredibly cool, but it means players can have a physical collection of CTA cards without worrying about keeping them in pristine condition or ever being stolen. If something happens to a physical card, players will still have the NFT stored safe and sound on the blockchain. Add in their plan of releasing several books over the next several years to grow the CTA universe even further and you’ll realize why so many are excited for this project to launch already!

How Do Users Participate in Cross The Ages?

The community is what the development team at Cross The Ages cares about most — after all, without them there wouldn’t be much of a project. They rely on the community’s support, and they haven’t wavered on any of their promises so far! Upgrading and collecting cards to win in PvP battles seems like a given, but players can also trade and buy/sell cards on the CTA marketplace.

You don’t have to grind out wins and stay at the top of the leaderboard to profit from playing Cross The Ages. If you’re an avid collector who stalks the marketplace like a hawk, there is certainly money to be made. Users can also uncover the entire CTA universe by reading through the chronologically released books and even have a direct impact on the development of the game itself.

The writers are constantly engaging with artists, developers, and even gamers within the Cross The Ages community to see what they want to be added to the project next. Naturally, this means those hopeful artists out there who dream of having their illustrations in Cross The Ages may just get a chance at some point in time. Any dedicated developers who interact with the community may also be given a chance at developing new mechanics for the game, or even just sourcing ideas with the team. The team is taking a “it’s as much yours, as it is ours” approach when it comes to Cross The Ages and that is certainly something to be excited for!

Learn More About Cross The Ages Today!

It isn’t often that you stumble across an NFT project that is this unique and community-driven, but Cross The Ages is certainly one of them. Not only do they have a promising model that will allow the most dedicated users to have a profitable experience, but they are dedicated to providing everybody a fair shot through the integration of a marketplace and physical card activation.

Cross The Ages is set to experience exponential growth in popularity, and with the help of blockchain technology, it will become even larger than games like Magic: The Gathering. Digital cards and physical activation are a key component to that being a possibility, and this could be a chance to get in on the “ground floor” of a massive and expansive project like no other.

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