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Why Card Games Are a Perfect Fit for NFTs and Play-and-Earn and How We Are Taking It a Step Further

Here at Cross the Ages we’re looking to combine the passion and dedication that comes with traditional card collecting and NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) using blockchain technology. There have been numerous trading card games in the past that have not only been successful but have also taken the world by storm.

If you were around for the peak of Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh cards you know exactly what we’re talking about. Even these days you can still find collectors searching high and low for the rarest Magic: The Gathering cards imaginable! The popularity of trading card games isn’t going to fizzle away anytime soon, and we feel it’s the perfect time to transition into new beginnings.

There are millions of collectors located all over the world and they make up a massive market. People have been buying, selling, and trading cards ever since they became a thing — even in the 1950s, there were baseball cards! Collecting cards physically is an important part of the process, and many feel like NFTs will remove that entirely, however that’s not the case with Cross the Ages.

What Makes Cross the Ages Better Than Traditional Trading Cards?

Collectible cards can maintain a ridiculous value at times, with some bringing in well over six figures. The only way you’re going to get the most value for a card you’ve stored is by getting a perfect grade and praying that you haven’t collected a copy; you’re also susceptible to being a victim of theft when all you have is a physical card to fall back on.

Through the use of “phygital” trading cards, Cross the Ages is looking to provide users with an opportunity to collect cards that are 100% safe and secure. Using blockchain technology and smart contracts, you can activate a physical version of your collected NFTs and have them in real life without any worries! Each card is given a unique ID number and allows you to collect them physically without the risk of losing value due to damage or losing the card.

Every physical card that has been activated can be traced back to the original owner, as well as the current one — there’s no need to worry about fake copies or too many cards being activated physically (since scarcity will limit the number of NFTs available).

There’s Profit to Be Made!

Much like any other trading card game, growing your collection in Cross the Ages and owning some of the rarest cards around will prove to be profitable over time. As the community grows, so will the demand for certain cards, making limited edition releases particularly interesting for all of our community members!

Regular card games like Magic: The Gathering are limited when it comes to expanding their releases. They don’t have a massive metaverse to grow alongside like we do here at Cross the Ages! Creating intrinsic value for your physical cards through blockchain technology certainly seems like the obvious move for any card collector in modern times.

Grow With the Rest of Our Community

As we’ve said numerous times in the past, we want our users to feel like they’re an important part of the ever-expanding universe of Cross the Ages. Our project is meant to create an unparalleled level of value for Cross the Ages cards by providing optimal security and scarcity for every collection released.

Blockchain technology has allowed our development team to create a truly unique phygital collectible experience, one that you likely won’t find anywhere else for quite some time. Even if you stumble across another project that allows you to convert NFTs into physical cards, they won’t dedicate themselves to the expansion of the project as we do here.

A Unique Experience You Won’t Want to Miss Out On

Our player-driven universe will be built with the release of each Cross The Ages book, giving our community a chance to have a say in how everything develops. Each card will be rich with lore and stories to tell! By bridging books, physical cards, and NFTs, Cross the Ages is pushing for innovation and looking to break the boundaries of traditional card collectible games.

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