The Very Beginning

If you’ve been following me from my other blog, you know I’m a unique soul. I tend to spin in the opposite direction of the rest of the universe at a completely different orbit than most others would (yes, analogies without true frame of reference are fun).

Image from Davric on Wikimedia

When I was in college, I had a severe cognitive dissonance between what I saw in life and what I heard in media and various pulpits. Whenever I had dissonance, it was usually tied to glittering generalizations about whole groups of people. I wouldn’t go so far as to saying most were racist or religionist or homophobic or xenophobic, but they did creep right up to that border.

Rather than take anyone’s word for anything, I’d run in the opposite direction to those groups that seemed to be different and spend time with them. I usually didn’t change my moral stance, but I did learn to see others as just as valuable as I am.

That’s why my sophomore year pics in the college yearbook show groups like FoG (Friends of GLASS, Gay and Lesbian Alliance of Sxxxx Students — and no, I didn’t help them with that acronym) and the Student Diversity Awareness Coalition (received hospitality from a professor for a night of Hanukkah, observed Samhain activities, saw indigenous dancing).

In the other years, I did the Neuman Club, Intervarsity, and a small Christian acting troup because of all the Protestant versus Catholic rumbling and grumbling I’d grown up with.

One of the biggest problems I see in the last few years is that some are very willing to lump all Muslims into the same category — warring, exclusionist, set on destruction. Until the last year, I never knew any Muslims personally. Most of the ones I’d heard about seemed to be just the opposite — they were dedicated medical professionals working from dawn to dusk healing and learning.

To me, that would be like saying I was hateful just because of the activities of Westboro Baptist. I claim to be a Christian, and they claim to be a Christian; therefore, all Christians must be hateful, spiteful, and divisive. (You see where I’m going with this?)

Secretly, in my heart, I desperately wanted a copy of the Qur’an, not because I intended to convert but because I was curious to see just what was in it and how it compared to Christian Scriptures.

Hence, the reason for this new blog. The Lord does usually give His children the desires of their heart if the desires align with His Will. Before you can ever share your faith, you have to have a friendship. Part of friendship is understanding who the other person is and what they believe.

Over the last year, I’ve connected to a group trying to share what they feel Muslims really believe. I’ve asked some questions, and I’ve joined some of their activities. I am developing a friendship with a young mother who is a lot like me — she’s tried to run a small business while rearing her children, she deeply believes her selected faith, and she helps run a small youth group for older teen girls.

On this new blog, I intend to take the Qur’an and hold it up to Christian Scripture. I want to see where we agree and disagree. Eventually, I want to more deeply delve into the areas where we disagree, but I have to find them first.

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