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Following its mainnet launch in 2020, Filecoin Foundation has just hosted its first IRL meet-up of the Filecoin ecosystem this past Wednesday, June 8th, 2022.

Celebratory, aspirational and insightful, among other notable taglines, the memorable one-day event took place at Coppertank Events Center, Austin, TX. It was a convention of application builders, developers, and contributors as well, from across the Filecoin ecosystem, geared towards “expanding the Filecoin network and growing the Web3 ecosystem.”

The community, and every other attendee, was led through seminars and workshops, panel discussions, networking spaces — and more — and these moments, however short, were nothing out of a dutiful outflow of knowledge, spanning across different enlightening topics that hinged mostly on NFTs, Web 3, Smart contracts, Metaverse, IPFS, Radius, and many more.

Also, a keynote speech from its founder, Juan Benet, might have been a major highlight of the event. More than anything, there were best of times when the milestones covered by Filecoin were revisited and its aspirational roadmaps were also brought into view: ranging from the 500% year-after-year increase on data onboarding to the recent bridge between Ethereum and Filecoin that’s definitely taking Filecoin to the moon by allowing trustless protocols manage Ethereum history processing on Filecoin storage market. There were also poolside times and happy times to mark the end of this notable moment in history.

Worthy of note: the CEO of CrossFi, the first cross-chain lending and liquidity sharing platform built on Filecoin, was present at this event where new ideas sprout, where duty and action merge in unimaginable synchrony. And who knows what other new changes might be made to the CrossFi ecosystem in no distant time, in a bid to make Crossfi a solution network that would eliminate the inefficiency of most cross-chain technologies and also the insufficient supply of liquidity? The proof, however, is in the waiting.

About CrossFi:

CrossFi (CRFI) is the first cross-chain lending and liquidity sharing platform built on Filecoin that gears toward connecting DeFi applications and providers on different multi-chains through leading technological incentives. The future of CrossFi, hopefully, is a global blockchain space where users and Dapps can get liquidity pools with just a click, canceling out the 30% liquidity pressure eating up the Filecoin ecosystem. Even as an independent ecosystem, CRFI has its own governance token that allows its holders to amass great rewards through staking their tokens, providing liquidity chains and being a participator in key governance votes.

CrossFi is a cross-chain protocol that provides liquidity to you for Filecoin staking and rewards.

CrossFi Official Website:

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