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Letter to the CrossFi Community

To CrossFi Community:

In the past 38 hours, CrossFi has suffered a setback, which has tested the entire community. In the process, CrossFi has won the strong support and genuine care of the community, exchanges, and law enforcement agencies.

Please rest assured that all friends who care about and support CrossFi, we have upgraded the risk control mechanism and process of the wallet, abandoned the original hot wallet, and controlled the risk in time.

At the same time, the foundation is discussing the incident handling plan as soon as the situation stabilized.

Our position is to always be responsible for the community, and the principle is to promote the healthy and safe development of CrossFi and protect the interests of community users.

All decisions of the foundation follow the above positions and principles.

We know that after the incident, market sentiment changed rapidly, and some users suffered losses as a result. The foundation will compensate for the losses caused by some users during this period; and in order to completely eliminate the potential risks that may be caused by this attack, the foundation has decided to reissue 100 million BSC CRFI Tokens.

The specific plan is as follows:

  1. New CRFI on BSC

Total supply 100,000,000
new contract address(BSC):
Swap rate:1:1
Swap Time:Singapore 10am-22pm on May 10th 2021
Please complete all swap.

● Swap steps:
Transfer the original CRFI to the following recycling address (BSC):
You will receive a new CRFI, and the recovered CRFI Token will be destroyed uniformly

2. How to swap CRFI bought in Sake ILO

3. Please complete the following instructions before Singapore time 15:00 5/14 2021. For users who hold tokens and sell them during the period from 20:00 to 23:59 (on Singapore time May the 8th) and cause losses, the foundation will refer to the average market transaction price and compensate a certain percentage of the difference with CRFI tokens. The compensation is paid by the CrossFi Foundation’s risk reserve fund.

4. For users who have not sold CRFI during the period from 20:00 on May 8, 2021, Singapore time to 23:59 on May 8, 2021, an airdrop reward of 10% of the tokens will be given.

Thanks to all users in the community for their trust and support for CrossFi. This incident will not change our confidence in the development potential of CrossFi. We will manage CrossFi more carefully and lead everyone to realize the vision together!

Monday, May 10, 2021

CROSSLEND Foundation

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