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Swap your CRFI bought in Sake ILO

The following plan is for users who bought [BUSD+CRFI] LP in SAKE ILO on Apr 26 2021.

Redeem your [BUSD+CRFI] LP and complete the swap in 24 hours after LP unlocked.

Swap time frame:

Tokens released on 23:00, May 11, 2021, Singapore time
Please complete the swap before 23:00, May 12, 2021, Singapore time.

Tokens released on 23:00, May 18, 2021, Singapore time-
Please complete the swap before 23:00,May 19, 2021, Singapore time

Tokens released on 23:00, May 25, 2021, Singapore time-
Please complete the swap before 23:00, May 26, 2021, Singapore time.

How to swap ?

Transfer the original (unstake from ILO) BSC CRFI to the following recycling address (BSC):
You will receive a new CRFI, and the recovered CRFI Token will be destroyed uniformly.


Total supply 100,000,000
new contract address(BSC):

Users who can not complete within the specified time will not be able to swap. The Old CRFI ( be traded anymore.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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CrossFi is a decentralized asset lending and liquidity sharing protocol.

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