This Ghetto Princess Has Some Real Blue Blood!

My Great Grandaddy William Was a Conqueror * this is not an actual picture of him, but close!

The Veil Was Thin

Neither George, nor Either of the Williams or even Willia Could Have Imagined A Ghetto Princess Like Me

George’s Wildest Dreams

Photo by Hannah Middleton on Unsplash

Join this Ghetto Princess and her families on their Journey Up Off the Plantations Into Urban Black America

Photo Credit Unsplash

My Black American History

A Frank Discussion About Racism and Sexism in American

Photo by Alice Alinari on Unsplash

Thick Like Me

Photo Credit: Unsplash -Annie Spratt

Photo credit: Jayson Hinrichsen

The Intersectionality of it All

Photo credit: Tyler Nix Unsplash

A Ghetto Princess Speaks

Race Relations in America — A Hood Perspective…

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