A Ghetto Princess on Black American History

Join this Ghetto Princess and her families on their Journey Up Off the Plantations Into Urban Black America

Sup yall. It’s Amli, your everyday light worker, coming at you with my new series, A Ghetto Princess Speaks!

I am a ghetto princess…and I’m speaking. I’m gonna tell yall stories about what it was like to grow up as hood royalty.

My Black American History

In honor of Black History month, I’m gonna trace my two families (Grangers and Jordans) movement off of Southern plantations for better opportunities in the North, during the great migration.

I’m also gonna talk about all the fuckshit AmeriKKKa did to us (redlining, block busting) that created our hoods in the first place. And then, the further fuckshit they did to destroy them.

These mfers just won’t let us catch a break.

If you are a politician within the Republican Party, I am TALKING TO YOU.

If you are a politician within the Democratic Party, I AM TALKING TO YOU TOO.

AmeriKKKa’s systems have always sought to destroy black American communities, and these system swere always operating in full swing under both parties, so this isn’t POLITICAL. Don’t even think at throwing your damn political beliefs at me. I am smart enough to see that that political bullshit is a divide and conquer game, that I AM NOT PLAYING.


I only want what is REAL and TRUE.

Pubs come up with all kinds of lies and propaganda to justify the fuckshit and terror they have subjected us all to (they don’t even want us to say our lives matter WTF!) And Dems just lie and evade, cover up the truth, acting like they didn’t have nothing to do with all this horror that was visited upon us. They did. And we are sick of their games! We know all too well.

Throw Barrack Obama at them! That will satisfy them! (as we kill their children with lead-laced water.)

Now, black women are really pissed about us killing of their kids, throw Kamala Harris at them! That should keep the quiet…




And at this point there is NOTHING either one of these parties could do that would satisfy a ghetto princess. I don’t care if they sent me a CHECK FOR ONE BILLION DOLLARS!

(Reparations says what?)


There is no tan figure head that you can prop up… there is no amount of money that you could pay me that would compensate me FOR ALL THE FUCK SHIT AMERIKKA HAS BEEN ON FOR THE LAST 400 YEARS!


A ghetto princess speaks.

My Ghetto Ass Ancestry

Last year, (or was it the year before?) Actually it was in August of 2019…I got on Ancestry.com to research this one question…how was that my black as coal, great grandfather, was bouncing all up and through the South during a time when they CLEARLY was lynching negroes for such behavior? I think I found my answer yall. He’s probably related to William the Conqueror.

I’m not lying! William the Mfing Conqueror! Are yall shocked? Trust…I am too! Was not expecting that when I went looking for the 411…was not expecting THAT.

Anyway, I’m gonna talk about ancestry…and how my family’s biological proximity to British and Germanic aristocracy in the uplines, gave them a bit of a head start. Uplines are a way of tracing the people who came before you. They make actual lines on your family tree. Ancestry record keepers call them uplines. Betcha didn’t imagine a ghetto princess had blue blood; and not just any kind of blue blood, but famous blue blood at that! I can trace all the way back to William the mffing Conqueror yall! (My sister says it’s really not that hard; and everybody is related to everybody anyway, it’s just a matter of being able to trace it.)

I think it was my uplines, however, that gave my families an advantage in that race to snatch a piece of the American pie, when there where still pieces to be snatched.

I’m gonna explain how one side of my family is Bougie. Sorry dad, but it’s true. I know we talked about this, and you denied it, but yall bougie! Grangers is definitely bougie, through and though. Grangers definitely ain’t hood. Therefore, I can be slightly bougie too, when I need to; and bougie is necessary, if you want to be able to maneuver this endless mindfuck that is the AmeriKKKan economy. Bougie opens the mainstream doors of commerce, which you gonna need to open, if you ever want to be truly paid, unless you gonna stick to the streets.

And no one wants to just stick to the streets…you can only go so far on the streets…you can’t even open up a bank account on the streets.

I’m gonna be telling yall stories about how I came to be a ghetto princess, and all about my Cleveland hood, where I oh so briefly reigned. I might (I haven’t decided yet) tell yall about how I feel in love with a thug. I might. I might also tell yall all about how I knew if I wanted to live, I had to leave him, cause he was chasing bullets. (And he finally caught one. Rest in peace and power Key.)

I’m gonna show yall that before the Crack wars hit, it was so much fun living in the hood! (At least it was in my hood, ghetto princess that I was! I had a ball growing up! I had the best time of my life in my Cleveland hood (even when bullets was whizzing by my head during those crack war in the 80s.)

I’m gonna tell you the cost of those fuckin wars…about how most of our men are dead or in jail for crimes they did not commit; and if they did, these crimes were so much lesser than any crimes committed by fucking white boys, so why the damn double standards!!! Why AmeriKKKA trying to lock my sons brothers and father up for life, HUH?

War criminal Dick Cheney? When does he pay the mfing piper, huh? When does he pay his debt to the mfing WORLD? Tell a ghetto princess that please? What about all them fuckin Bushes and their crimes against humanity? As much as I hate to admit it, Obama was on all that same shit too. Like the game never changes, it don’t matter the administration. Don’t even get me started on the Con Man in Chief Trump! (Who falls for that shit??? Apparently 70 million mfing white people?!?!?!?!!? Are white people really that street dumb? I guess so, cause most American white people ain’t never had to deal with the streets.)

Structural and Institutional Racism and Capitalism

Keep it up tho, white people…looks like the streets might be coming for YOU. And not from us, like you so deeply fear…white people ain’t nobody studying yall, we got our own damn problems. But, watch out…watch your back, the same systems that fucked us over, are sho nuff coming for you.

The same Amerikkka that tore up our hoods, are now tearing up your small towns. Enjoy. (Opioid epidemic says what?) Oh, you thought it was just us (Black Americans) that was disposable…as Kevin Hart would say, you gone learn today!)

Structural and Institutional racism, (which is really just another form of classism) is used against white America too! Wake the fuck up! As long as the BIG MAN (that no one really sees, or knows who the fuck is) makes a dollar a day poisoning black kids in Flint, Michigan, ain’t no American kids safe from poisoned water. For shame. Blood money. Better check yall water, cause I bet it’s laced with lead, and blood too. But drink up, you saving some Governor a dollar a day. Isn’t that worth you and your kids dying for it? Isn’t it?

Capitalism says what?

Erin Brackovich says what? Why don’t yall ever learn?

It looks like the people at the top, (those pesky 1%ers) want the deep hood to be the way of the world.

Well…if the deep hood is what we all got to look forward to you, let me introduce you to an expert on it. (A ghetto princess knows some shit.) Ghostface Killah describes it perfectly in All I got is You.

Check it, fifteen of us in a three-bedroom apartment
Roaches everywhere, cousins and aunts was there
Four in the bed, two at the foot, two at the head
I didn’t like to sleep with Jon-Jon he peed the bed

This was NOT how a ghetto Princess was living (in her hood, with her fam). Still, I SAW this experience. I got glimpses of this experiences from my friends, some of whom were deeply and infinitely hood.

That wasn’t me though. I ain’t gonna lie. As far as the hood economics went, I was hood rich.

That was working well for me, until AmeriKKKa drove me up out of it. Now all the hoods all over the country are fucked…and a ghetto princess has taken refuge in the burbs all of her adult life where it is so…


I often wonder what my life would have been life, what my hood would have been like…if AmeriKKKa hadn’t started those crack wars and just left our hoods alone? What would they be like?

I think Nelly called it, with his imaginary Nellyville.

I remember when our hoods were kinda like that. Oh, how I wish I could go back to Nellyville.

Anyway, please join me, (if you got the heart) in honor of Black History month, on me and family’s journey off of plantations and up into America’s hoods (turned concentration camps.)

And don’t tell me I am exaggerating (or offending Jews.) Chi-Raq? Like FUCK YOU, if you don’t think that is some concentration camp shit. And what about all them brown people at the borders? What about all them brown people (dying) on the reservations? What about the explosion of the for profit prison industrial complex, tied to the degradation of the hip-hop industry? (Mumble rappers? WTF?) I’m so sick of us all pretending, AmeriKKKa is something other than a reenvisoned Nazi Germany.


AmeriKKA is the Fourth Reich (them fuckin Nazis!) for all the black and brown and native people not strong enough to fight back. And on top of that, they still fuckin with the Jews. These mfing Nazis never quit! They never gave up! They just came over here!

Trump is what? The 21st Century Hitler? Well…

Do you really wanna debate a ghetto princess on this? You do not. I will make you look silly, simple and stupid. It’s not a threat, it’s a promise.

The Nazi’s GOT TO GO yall. It’s time…we end this darkness by shining the light.

A ghetto princess speaks!


Amli, your Everyday Lightworker

Author of The Way Through, Lessons Learned on Life Love and the Journey.

Working with the Light!

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