A Ghetto Princess Speaks

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  • Staceywhite


  • Andrea Kwamya

    Andrea Kwamya

    Diversity & Comms Specialist | Public Speaker

  • Anushka Shrivastava

    Anushka Shrivastava

    technophile ,photophile and a science geek

  • mara byrd

    mara byrd

  • Rita Sinorita Fierro

    Rita Sinorita Fierro

    Intellectual artist. Author. Evaluator. RadioHost. Birthing social equity and justice as the foundation for everyone’s bliss. More at: RitaFierro.com

  • lloyd chikwama

    lloyd chikwama

  • LifeBliss Lisa

    LifeBliss Lisa

    Food & Lifestyle Coach |👩🏾‍🍳 anti-diet healthy gourmet | HU Law alum | pro bellydancer | soca junkie | wannabe surfer | damn fool actor |❤️🖤💚 culturalist

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