I would not say nobody likes an uppity Negro.
Tim Knowles

Maybe I should try to get through this post, maybe I should really, really really try. But honestly all it sounds like to me, ALL IT SOUNDS LIKE IS,

“It’s okay to kill to black people, it’s okay, it’s fine we’ve been doing it for centuries and we just are hell bent on continuing to do so and we absolutely REFUSE to listen to anyone, much less a black athlete, who says different.”

That’s all this sounds like…and believe me, as far as black people go, my opinions and beliefs on this are moderate. But I grow angrier and angrier and angrier as this continues to even be a discussion.

The man fucking kneeled during a song whose lyrics EXHALT THE MURDER OF SLAVES! But that’s cool right? All us nigras need to stand and sing out to a song about killing us.


Fuck Francis Key Scott. I would like to defecate on his grave.

Enough of you and your ilk doing mental gymnastics to justify the state-sanctioned murder of people of color, and crapping all over this man who had the courage to speak out against it.

I don’t care if the whole NFL goes bankrupt, the sport is stupid and lethal anyway — and so are most of it’s barely functioning above ape intelligence fans. Do you know how many women get beat nationwide on Super Bowl Sunday? I’m guessing no. I’m guessing you don’t give a damn, either.

Fuck Francis Key, Fuck the NFL, Fuck men apes who beat their wives and kids when their team loses. Fuck anybody who got a damn thing to say about Colin K and can’t bring themselves to say “Black Lives Matter.”

Fuck you.

Fuck you.

And again…

Fuck you.

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