I have never ever met anyone in the deep south or the coast, or the new south who wants slavery to return again.
Sure, it’s different everywhere.

That’s what all that Confederate flag drama is about, in part. A return to what was. And no, they are not so stupid as to have these sorts of conversations with outsiders such as yourself, but yeah they surely have them, about what was taken from them (slaves) all they lost and how one day they’ll get it all back.

But no, psychologically, they don’t deal with their plight real direct. That’s what Faulkner’s “A Rose for Emily” was all about, how the South just could not cope with Southern loss of wealth and the demise of that slave culture.

Also how, sick depraved and morbid the culture was…true fictional story by Faulkner. Now he sure as hell knew the South.

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