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A Frank Discussion About Racism and Sexism in American

Happy Thursday Readers and Writers! It’s Amli, your everyday Lightworker. As a part of my light work, I would like to invite join our Life-in-10 Minutes Community.

Life in 10 is an actual (and now virtual), where I will be virtually hosting Postscripts, Love Letters and Rage-Filled Rants From the Edge of Heartbreak, this coming Saturday at 3 pm. Want to get something off your chest? Here is your chance. We gonna get it all on the page! We’re going to rant, like a Ghetto Princess! (That’s, my alter ego, to whom I will Introduce you today.)

Usually, I’m all about love and light…cause I’m a light worker, you know? But Light workers work in darkness too. There is a part of my life that is very 3D. My occupation, of choice, (I’m a civil rights litigator) requires that I get very 3D sometimes, and even ghetto. (I gotta go hood, I gotta take it to the streets — and trust, ain’t nothing nice popping off in the streets.) Usually, I give you a prompt to write about, but not today. Nope not today. Today…I just want you to think. Especially if you’re white and committed to anti-racism (most life-in-tenners are.) Just think about what I am saying about racism (and also sexism). I know a lot. Trust. This is my shit.

Meet The Ghetto Princess and Hip-Hop Litigator

I call myself, the “hip-hop litigator,” because I can fight with words, like the best mfing rapper doing his best mfing rap.

I can go all Eminem, “ 8 Mile.”

I can go all DMX “Who We Be.”

I can go all Kanye West (before he sold out and surrendered to the bi-polo) “Crack Music.”

“I ain’t gonna out like no punk bitch!”

I hype up for litigation by listening to one of a few hip-hop fighting favorites: “Move Bitch,” “House of Pain- Jump Around” “Fight the Power” (It’s a classic!).

I love, love, love reciting Lil Kim’s stanza in , “It’s all About the Benjamins (Baby)”:

You wanna bumble with the bee, huh?

I can — in short — do that damn thing.

Watch me whip! And Watch me Ne-Ne!

And I do it for my clients, to whom I give voice, in this perpetual American struggle to speak out against, racism, sexism and a variety of injustices.

I hope it’s not too ghetto!

I can’t get too ghetto though, cause I am an attorney, an officer of the court — - and there are A LOT of rules to that shit. I got rules on me, violate them, and I get in trouble with the bar.

I talk a lot of shit, but I can back it all the fuck up!

I’m real cool people, until some bullshit get brung up!

I can’t just straight curse the opposition out, as much as I would like to. I come close though (and I get in trouble, so don’t do this at home kids!)

You About to Get Ran the Fuck Over!

When I get in trouble, I get really self-reflective, and blast me some Boss, cause I’m going deeper. I ask myself: Was I really wrong, to say the things I said? I speak the truth!

That’s always my defense.

Usually, sideliners come back with:

Maybe so, but you don’t have to speak it like that.

Sexism in America

They wouldn’t come after me so hard if I was a man. I know because I learned to speak this way from my father; and ain’t nobody ever said shit to him.

Watch your tone! Be nice and polite! For the love of God, stop telling us what you think…you are scaring us!

As far as I know, ain’t nobody ever said a damn thing to that man, when he speaking his mind…but me? I’ve been tone policed into all of metaphorical prisons…sometimes I even get the chair…with the chair being the end of my existence at a particular organization.

Sexist ass America…the rules are so different for us ladies. We cannot speak freely — not like men — not without consequences.


After some self-reflection, I usually decide, that even if I was in the wrong, even if I wasn’t all love and light, I said shit that needed to be said.

And…much like Beyonce, I ain’t sorry! I ain’t sorry! No, no! Hell NAW!

I ain’t sorry!

Seriously, when navigating the total and utter fuck shit that is American racism and sexism, you gotta have skillz! And you have to do it very, very, carefully, when you are dealing with powerful people inside powerful institutions. I’ve learned my craft the hard way. Through trial and error…through mfers gunning for me…literally…and…well the PD departments ain’t no joke…especially when you interfering with them trying to get some ill gotten p*ssy. “No, this is inappropriate at work, you may not grab them by the pussy.”

Oh…the police are not trying to hear that shit…they not trying to hear it!

But…I am a ghetto princess and a hip-hop litigator, so much to the chagrin of the establishment that wants us to all pretend that racism and sexism doesn’t exist, while they fucking kneel on our feminine black necks —

Sandra Bland! Say her Name!

I find a way to cuss powerful people THE FUCK OUT, without literally cussing them the fuck out. It’s an art and science.

I’m going to give you an example…and I’m going to set up the scenario. I have a set of clients at a very vast, and wealthy and powerful American Institution. I won’t name it directly, because RULES!

I got all these rules on me. But I will say this, this is probably the most powerful institution in America, if not the world.

There are a lot of complaints of extreme and egregious discrimination at this institution; and you’ve heard them. If you have lived in America, you have heard the scandals…there is at least one that breaks in the media every year, about the fuckshit this institution stays on.

Well, recently I learned (during a four-hour interview where my client was being questioned by the appropriate authorities) in this one cog of this vast machine that this institution is, the white people in power decided that they were going to set up a de facto slave plantation. Like they were so committed, to this reenactment of slavery, they practically planted cotton on their grounds so they could have the black employees pick it.

Oh, they were tripping! They were fucking tripping!

So…when I come across information like this, although I’d like to be all love and light, cause that’s what I claim to be about, I’m not. Not all the time. Not at all.

I go hood…cause that’s where I’m from, Ghetto Princess that I am.

So…when my clients had enough of the slave cosplay, they decided to file complaint about it. Now, that’s always a very tricky endeavor, inside an extremely racist and extremely sexist institution (which this clearly is). My clients needed some back up. And, so they found me.

And…I’m a real good choice, cause I been at this hip-hop litigating for 30 years… I know all the damn tricksand the traps. Really racist white people, (who get caught being really racist) got a bag of tricks they resort to about five tricks deep. They are so trite and tired…and when they come at this Ghetto Princess with that bullshit…well let’s just say…game on.

The Five Tricks Racists Use When Accused of Racism

Trick Number 1 — They Resort to Old School Jim Crow Tactics

N*gga stay in your place…is one of their tricks. Especially in the south. This one works pretty well actually, because in the South, blacks have been terrorized into staying in that place: lest they be raped, tortured, have their house burned down, have their children decimated and/or be lynched.

No one wants none of that. And so, a lot of Southern blacks just opt to stay in the psychological prison that whites have built for them, despite extreme discomfort. At least there, they get to live. But like all prisoners, they have their tricks.

Southern whites…you ain’t winning like you think you are, unless you like pee in your lemonade and/or shit in your chocolate cake…you ain’t winning. But you got black people skinning and grinning at you, talking about “yassah massah, yassah boss!”

You think that’s a win. Little do you know (dummy), you’re in prison too.

Trick Number 2 — They Offer Proof of a Lack of Racism Via Association with Random Black Folk, Usually a Sell Out

I’m not racist, my one black “friend” says so.

This is another stupid track that racist white people think is so fucking brilliant.


The same trick every. single. time. White people who rely on this trick, I want you know, you look and sound so fuckin idiotic to me. I have heard this one a thousand times, and it’s deeply insulting to me.

White people who do this are using their white privilege to tap into the greed and self-interest of sell-outs, who have monetized and profit richly off of black-on-black crime. These greedy sellouts are everywhere in American institutions. They are legion, like fucking anonymous. They just wanna get paid. They will say anything for money, or access to the economy of white America. They make me sick.

I can’t stand sell-outs. I really fucking cannot stand sell outs. Let my ghetto princess ass get a hold of that Candace Owens bee-atch late at night…in a dark alley…where no one can see me. Just let me get a hold of her! And once I do? Use your imagination…and consider the possibilities.

It’s not a threat, it’s a promise. (A tried-and-true hood cliché.)

Racist white people, with their Owens-like lap dogs, insult my intelligence. They don’t even make the intellectual effort to think of a more clever trick than having a pet sell out co-sign their racist bullshit. Lazy!

Trick Number 3 — They Play the Victim Role

I really can’t stand this one. When backed into a corner, like a rat-in-trap, they start playing dirty and go all victim role. In racist America, white people love to talk about how they have been victimizedwait for…wait for it…by racism. These mfers!

It plays out like this.

How dare you do this to me!?!?! (Accuse you of racism, even though you are quite the fucking racist?) I’m trying to help you! (To be a good slave like I want and need you to be.)

This one is particularly infuriating. Because, if you’re like me, listening to this crap, you wonder, are they trying to mindfuck me with this lame and tired bullshit? Or have they even mindfucked themselves into this idiocy? Do these kinds of white people really think that they are being helpful? After dealing with this for 30 some years, I think they really might. Sigh.

This is one is usually a go-to for racist white women (the Karens). Racist white men don’t play this card, I’m guessing it’s too passive. But white women will even get to crying, when you bring their racism to their attention. I even had one complain of heart palpitations. Because I am a lawyer, and I’m very logical, analytical and unemotional, they quickly realize that shit ain’t gonna fly with me. And I’ll ask,

But did you say “I spot a darkie? when you saw your black co-worker?” Lots of hemming and hawing to follow, after I ask that question.

You see, where I am from , uh, ah, well that’s just the way people talk!

I wanna say, Yeah, but you from some back ass water hick environment, where yall water is laced with coal dust and your minds are stuck on stupid, but even your dumb, silly, simply, missing teeth ass gotta know you don’t say no shit like that. That’s what I wanna say. But instead, I gotta come back all attorney like and say:

But you did say that, in a professional office environment…can you just answer the question, please?

Got to keep it professional…but the smart ass in me wants to add this kind of sarcastic commentary:

Did you also just step out of a Mark Twin novel, where you were happily conversing with Huck Finn? Perhaps, you need to step back, through that looking glass, with the lion, the witch and the wardrobe. You’re all up in the wrong century, and wrong reality, here. If you wanna act backwoods and backward ass, stay backwoods and backward ass…don’t be chillin out here with the rest of us.

Trick Number 4They Act Like You’re Tripping!

This is a white boy, man-splaining antic. Gaslighting around race. They’re not racist, you’re so sensitive!

They come at you like this:

What’s up with all this political correctness? Why do you make everything about race? Everything is not about race. I just feel like I can’t say anything anymore! (Translation- How dare you limit me in any way, I am a white boy!)

Why can’t I say the n-word? I mean, black people say the n-word all the time! It was just a joke. And besides, Snoop Dog is my n*gga!

This comes from the Biffs of the world. The rich, entitled, super-privileged, raping-drunk-girls-behind-dumpsters (nasty ass — - you NASTY!) and being offended that some ill-informed prosecutor dared to hold him accountable for it. Didn’t they get the memo? This is a mfer believes (and a lot of times, he right) that the the rules and the laws DO NOT apply to him.

Usually, because they have been given so many undeserved breaks in life




They are not accustomed to being challenged in any sort of way…and when they are, they don’t know how to handle it.

Ask me about the “Take Back the Night” march at Northwestern University. ASK ME!

Okay, you don’t even have to ask me, I’ll tell you. The Take Back the Night march is a march where women walk around the campus at night saying:

Women, UNITE! Take back the night!

I really need to do a whole post on this one- but long story short, it’s about women asking not to be raped up inside those hellatius frat houses. (Why the fuck would you go into one of them? Dumb BIATCHES! Like Seriously? I want to know? Everyone knows what happens in those frat why would you take your dumb ass all up in through?)

Anyway, I did the march ONCE. It let me know that white people, and especially the entitled frat boy types are OUT OF THEIR GODDAMN MINDS when it comes to some pussy.

Yeah, I said it. Get at me dawg. How do I know this? Cause I did the Take Back the Night March ONCE. It was cool as all hell. It was night time…about a thousand women deep. We was marching on the campus, AT NIGHT, something we rarely did alone. We had candles and we were talking, laughing, just a good time really.


So this was when the entitled frat boys LOST THEIR GODDAMN MINDS. They were screaming at us. They were cursing at us! They were throwing beer cans at us (full) from significant heights. The ghetto princess in me was like WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS!?!?!?!?

I just didn’t understand it. All we was saying was that we didn’t want to be raped, on campus at night.

Well…that was many years ago. Three decades for me. I have learned a lot of shit since then. Now, I understand it perfectly. Them frat boys? They do grow up…and usually these are the mfers sitting across the table from me, in some legal proceeding cause they have been up to some fuckshit inside some organization, grabbing them by the pussy, or calling him a n*gger or some other idiotic racial slur.

Black jelly beans? Coca-Cola? Really?

DUMB. That is some DUMB, DUMB, shit!

Anyway! When in an argument, the frat boys usually resort to name calling out of fear and frustration, (dumb, dumb, stupid ass, cheating your way through undergrad and law school DUMB mfer) but this is not appropriate in legal proceedings. There are rules, (a lot of rules) to it.

Intellectually? I can run circles around them, (even with the rules). I take my metaphorical sledgehammer, badger and break them, in any kind of legal forum. There was one that I’m certain I caused to pee on himself. When I was done cross-examining him, he dropped his head in shame.

I was delighted. It was like the best day EVER!

Trick Number 5 — You need to be grateful and humble (that we even let you have a job and pay you. We could make you work for free, like a slave is supposed to do.)

I find this one deeply, deeply enraging. White people, I’m telling you now, that if you say this to me, I’m not going to giving you any response. I will look at you with dead and/or crazy eyes. You will immediately feel uncomfortable, because you will sense a deep and intense hostility emanating from my energetic field.

What is it you wonder? Oh, it’s just me, imagining myself bashing your fucking head in…with my sledgehammer.

I’m not all love and light all the damn time…I warned you.

Anyway…I’ve never had to do this because, I have never had a white person say this to me. Even racist white people know who they can try and who they cannot. At the end of the day everybody got them hood instincts. Racist White people are no exception to this rule. They don’t test me.

But they test my clients…that’s when I have to tell them to:


When they get to testing my clients, I do what only what a ghetto princess can do. I back them the fuck up. As I said before, this requires skill. Lemme show you how I do.

Let’s revisit the plight of my clients at this horrifically racist and sexist American institution. When the plantation-wanna-be having, treating-black-employees-like-slaves white folks got wind of my client’s complaints, they came at them with all of the above. And in response to that, my clients asked me to file a cease-and-desist request for them. (A Cease and Desist, is legalese for BACK THE FUCK UP OFF!) However, I could not technically file a cease and desist request, we would actually have to be in front of a judge (and it takes a while to get there — this whole thing is a process in America). Nevertheless, I have my own ways of causing offending officials to cease and desist.

I got a mouth on me… have always had a mouth on me! (Ask my mother. who used to pop me in it all the time. It didn’t stop me, though.) And my mouth sounds like this:

Mr. Smith, my clients have been subjected to a barrage of inflammatory and racially incendiary commentary, steeped in ignorant and uninformed stereotypical racial assumptions, which have utilized Jim Crow style intimidation tactics and highly, highly offensive language.

This has caused counsel to take offense; and counsel does not offend easily. With that said, counsel can only imagine the intense and perpetually humiliating discrimination her clients have had to endure on a daily basis, working under the authority of such a racially insensitive management structures.

You invited my clients to a “problem solving meeting” where no problems were actually solved. Apparently, what was at issue, (according to you) was my clients’ need to “exercise humility.” Then they were personally attacked, for this perceived lack of humility. Once my clients became aware of the line of discourse to which they were being exposed — not problem solving, but rather personal attacks for the complaint that has been filed against the organization — they largely remained silent. But I want you to know this line of discourse could be considered retaliation (for filing a complaint). As you should know, retaliation is illegal.

One of my clients was told that he was “disrespectful.” And that from his body language, you perceived my client to be “angry.” And also, that you believed the client was thinking, “I don’t care what the fuck this guy thinks.”

Okay…okay…lemme stop here and ask you a few questions.

Do you see it? All the racist white people tricks that were being played on my clients because they dared to complain about being subjected to a faux plantation? The clients, who have brought forth a ton of evidence of racial discrimination regarding these crazy white folks were running a faux plantation up inside of a very well known, very public, tax-dollar backed institution — were accused of being disrespectful, angry, and cursing (inside their heads-and who the hell wouldn’t be under these circumstances) because they complained about BLATANT institutional racism!

These mfers!!! These mfers.

Perceptions Are Not Reality

And so, this ghetto princess had to get ghetto. But not too ghetto…and so I said:

Mr. Smith (not his real name, but anyway) as far as I know, you’re not a mind-reader; and even if you are, peoples’ thoughts are off limits. They do not serve as evidence of anything in investigative and judicial proceedings where evidence is actually required before slanderous statements are bandied about.

For example, I perceive you to be white-supremacists who labels any black person who does not scrape and bow and approach him with a “yassah massah, yassah boss” demeanor as “disrespectful.”

It is also my perception that, the purpose of this utterly ridiculous conversation was to incite my clients and goad them into responding with reactionary behavior that would you to permit you to label them as “angry blacks” and/or “disgruntled employees” in need of discipline or an “attitude adjustments” or a “performance improvement plan” which would be more like a “shut up and tolerate this blatant racism” plan.

It is not within any of my client’s job descriptions, that they must to scrape and bow and be humble regarding the egregious and ridiculous discrimination that they have experienced, so that you sir may evade any guilty or unpleasant feelings about what has occurred with regard to the creation of a mock plantation.

I perceive that you sir, are attempting to change the conversation about the discrimination my clients have experienced, to personal attacks, which demean the quality of their character, in order to distract and deflect from the matter truly at hand, blatant and illegal discrimination. .

Now, with that said, my perceptions are not reality. What I have perceived all of the above, in legal proceedings, evidence is required to make the case. It may or may not surprise you to know that I am in possession of such evidence.

(At this point I toss the evidence. Mr. Smith is appalled. Stankin racist, sexist ass. It is evidence that this guy is a serial sexual harasser. Oh yeah…they go together, the racism and the sexism.)

To my experience, those who engage in inappropriate behavior with regard to sex in the workplace, also engage in that same inappropriate behavior with regard to race. It is seemingly one of the unwritten rules of toxic masculinity, that one must demean women and nonwhite people, in order to have any sense of oneself…how unevolved, how primitive.

Nevertheless, unfortunately, I am quite familiar with this sort of ethos. For seven years I ran the Equal Opportunity Programs at the Metropolitan Airports Authority, which is a retirement haven for all ex-military: Army, Navy, Airforce and Marines.

Oh…the stories I could tell about that particular experience, but ethics and professionalism prevents it.

Equal Employment Opportunity is the law, Despite your attempts to nullify it, disregard it and completely turn the clock back on it. Nevertheless, even though Equal Employment Opportunity is the law, certain ranks, and certain branches of the military, and certainly at least 50 to 70% of most American police departments, tend to believe and behave as if that they are above the law; and certainly the Equal Employment Opportunity laws, for which many of that ilk have a particularly deep disdain.

Ultimately, my point is, my clients are being retaliated against. You have attempted to describe one of them as “disrespectful” and “angry” when he is anything but. He is the consummate professional. He excels at his work…and yet, he is being retaliated against through the subjection to nonstop harassment, which I perceive as being extraordinarily racist.

It is sad, it is truly tragic, that this is the state of affairs in 2021, where you, Mr. Smith, conversing with my clients as if the year were 1921.

It is not.

However, there is a certain type of privilege that allows certain individuals (probably like you) to insulate themselves in little echo chambers and bubbles of homogeneity (and time warps) where they don’t encounter anyone who doesn’t look or think like them.

This lack of exposure to diversity, in fact isolates them. Those of us who do operate in the 21st century, with a global economy and community, find this ignorance, which leads to unfounded arrogance, appalling.

The parlor tricks of attacking my clients for being hostile, disrespectful or angry, because they happened to complain about the plantation discrimination of which you are the master, is a tried, tired trite little ploy that I, having been an EEO professional for over 30 years, grow weary of seeing utilized. Why is it that discriminating officials are so incredibly unimaginative, that they resort to the same machinations, time and time and time again?

Having another black person cosign the discriminatory activity, is also unsurprisingly unimaginative. Black people do discriminate against other black people, oft times much worse than white people, as that tends to be a very lucrative gig.

Candace Owens has raised hundreds of thousands from racist individuals who will pay her to hear her ignorant racists rants. I suppose that is a sort of racist luxury, paying to hear black people being extremely racist against other black people.


Enough. This is enough.

“If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.”

“If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat.

“If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles.
Sun Tzu, The Art of War

When it comes to fighting the good fight, I know myself, I know the enemy and I do not fear the result of this particular battle. Regarding my clients, and the persistent harassment and discrimination they face on the “plantation” on a daily basis, I have offered this advice, which my father, Harvard Educated and B.F. Skinner apprenticed, offered to me:

Illegitimum non carborundum

And trust, with that, once those racist ass mfers heard me, talking my ghetto princess shit, they BACKED THE FUCK UP OFF MY CLIENTS.

Cease and desist, mfers…cease and desist indeed.

A Ghetto Princess Speaks


Amli, your Everyday Lightworker

Author of The Way Through, Lessons Learned on Life Love and the Journey.

Working with the Light!

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