Do you work for justice or revenge.
Maybe you should have read the post.
Tim Knowles

Yeah I know, right now I’m coming across as the latter.

And I did reread your post and LOl you weren’t the one I was intending to respond to…so I take it all back for you….this was meant for some other guy on the thread…but you got it instead.

I thought of copying, reposting in the correct spot and deleting…but then I said, to myself l, “Really Amber? Just let it go.”

And I meant to get around to deleting this response to you…but you got to it before I could.

No, I am not talking to white people like you, but I am talking to those others….and honestly? I can’t decide if I want to change my tone…I can’t decide because I am angry, and I want them to know it. I do.

And initially I wasn’t. Initially, I was all “ignorant, stupid white people are gonna be ignorant, stupid, white people, so let them be that.”

But they keep wanting my kids to die.

That’s what they keep clamoring for, and so like any good mama bear, I Am on the ferocious, vicious attack!

I am SICK of listening to a whole lot of shit being talked about this extremely intelligent, peaceful, thoughtful black man. And I take it very personally, cause those are MY KIDS!

I have raised three intelligent, peaceful, thoughtful black men — and I AM DONE listening to why they should die, just because it makes white people feel safe.

I AM DONE listening to why they feel men like my sons should kneel, or stand, or pray, or shuck and jive saying, “yessah massa, yessah boss” Anytime the NFL wants to do whatever stupid shit they want to do, (and it’s always some dumb, stupid monkey ape shit.)

Fuck the NFL…already got issues with them cause of all the domestic violence they cause and do nothing to remedy…FUCK THE NFL!!!!!

And fuck their fans who act like apes over that dumb NFL shit. Losing their goddamn minds over a man kneeling, you a stupid mfer if you can’t respect what this man is doing! You are stupid, illiterate, non reading, non thinking l, dumb, dumb, DUMB mfer, if you can waste your brain cells and energy hating on Colin K with everything else going on in the world.

California is on fire 🔥!

Puerto Rico has been left to DIE!

We don’t even hear about Houston or Miami anymore!!!!

Joel Osteen is a sleazy, criminal, conning mfer and we don’t talk about his sheisty ass either.

DONALD TRUMP IS FLEECING THE UNITED STATES AND THE WORLD 🌎 and these dumb, dumb, DUMB MFERS wanna criticize Colin Kaepernick for kneeling?

WHAT THE FUCK?!?!?!?!?

Yeah I kinda feel like I’m done being nice, done being about “social justice” which I always thought was a bullshit term anyway to deflect from what’s really at stake : CIVIL RIGHTS.

I ain’t gone be about now warm and fuzzies no more…I AM DONE…with that shit, for now…maybe I’ll see it differently later.

Yes, I need to calm down. Maybe John Hopkins or Terijo or Bonnie Harris or Steve McGrath or Sherry Kappel or some other Medium writer who is balanced and fair can help me gain some perspective…I know I’d never get it from say a Son of Baldwin or a Austin Frank (everything this guy writes makes me wanna vomit. It’s like want you button pushed? Check out what this asshole wrote today.)

And you know what? I bet he’s not even a guy…he’s probably an algorithm…anyway FUCK HIM and his algorithm.

I’m in a mood. Holly Wood, PhD 🌹 why don’t you write something that makes me feel less alone. Cause I feel like, whatever I write, you can come back with, “uh huh, that and I’ll raise you two!”

Tell them off Holllywood! These assholes keep insisting that black lives (and many others) don’t matter…and they refuse to be accountable for all the bullshit they spout.

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