A Ghetto Princess Speaks

It’s always common fucking knowledge when the man has a position of power with an organization, and it doesn’t have to be much power. I knew this Assistant head of an IT department who was dipping his fingers in all kinds if cookie jars in and out if his department. Told this 19 year old intern-”I own you.” Like WTF????? This went in for years. A marine vet -watch those fuckers…they be Trippin!!!!!

Well…I will say this in defense of Bill and Melinda Gate’s marriage. Marriage is a complicated thing that exists in a universe of two people. It’s never a really good idea to let people (and certainly not the fucking PUBLIC) inside if your marriage, but it’s also really unhealthy to…

And the truth is something far more darker usually. They are far more cut-throat, vicious and ruthless than any sound-bitten, photo-shopped, gif, jpeg would ever be permitted to reveal…cause fangs and bloody teeth are not attractive and yet that’s what the incredibly wealthy MUST HAVE. Like its not even an…

So…what are you gonna do about it? Buy you a white robe, with a hood and large wooden crosses? Some rope and get your hands bloody? I’m seriously curious. Cause this sounds like the inner thought process, were “normal” people turn themselves into hideous, vapid soulless ghouls, who live ugly, empty hate-filled lives, that aren’t worth living.

Yep…and that’s sone bullshit right there…I dont really understand how white people’s brains work. Everyone is racist, in some way. Most white people are RACIST AS FUCK! But when you point this out to them they lose THEIR MFING MINDS!!!!

Like, what’s that all about? Why are they mind-fucking the hell out of themselves???

I don’t get it white people…I do not get it.

A Ghetto Princess Speaks

Race Relations in America — A Hood Perspective…

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