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Announcing Crossmint NFTs!

As a Web3 company, we believe in the power of community and rewarding you — our early supporters — for sharing in our vision of making NFTs accessible to the masses.

We’re beyond excited to announce the details of our Crossmint NFT collection, which will carry benefits now & in the future for all Crossmint products and our company as a whole. As a (growing) team of 30, we need your help to spread the word about what we’re doing; to help us bring new faces & friends into NFTs and onboard the next million users into Web3! Rising tides raise all ships, and bringing in new NFT consumers benefits us all!

Our NFT collection will be released in phases, with benefits for holders on top of carefully curated artwork.

Collection Details

Alchemists 🌱

Supply: 600
Price: Free!

Alchemist NFTs will be dropped to our most dedicated community members! This is a limited supply collection representing those of you who’ve helped us along the way.


  • Automatic whitelist pools to Crossmint-powered projects
  • Referral program — referring a project that ends up using Crossmint = referral payment for helping us grow!
  • There’s one more thing… something incredible that we can’t quite announce yet 👀

How do I get one?
Refer a project to Crossmint at:
Make sure the project enters your Discord username in the referrer field!

Crossmint Cards 💳

Supply: Up to 10k (1k in Phase 1 — Free Airdrop)
Price: Free with Crossmint — Only pay transaction fees!


  • Whitelist & NFT giveaways
  • Early beta access to Crossmint tools
  • Holders channels & events including:
  • Developer bootcamps
  • Writers workshops
  • Sponsored hackathons
  • …more benefits as we grow! 🚀

How do I get one?
Hang out with us in Discord & watch for allowlist opportunities!

Crossmint makes it easy to buy NFTs with a credit card! To learn more:

Follow us on Twitter | Join us in Discord




Crossmint is a tool for NFT creators to accept credit card payments. It enables anyone to mint an NFT in 1 minute using their gmail and credit card. No wallet or crypto required.

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Making NFTs accessible to everyone. Add credit card minting to your NFT drop in 5 lines of code, for free!

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