Your Guide to the Changing World of Campus Recruiting — Handshake’s Talent Engagement Suite

I stepped out of my parent’s car and almost immediately started furnishing my dorm room with a bean bag chair and Bob Marley poster. I thought I knew everything about everything but quickly realized there was plenty that I needed to learn about my transition to college life. Luckily, one of the first people I met on campus was my Resident Advisor (RA). She showed me the ropes and helped make sure I started on the right track.

Well, similar to my changing college life back then, the experience for campus recruiting is changing now too. The only way I can describe Handshake’s recently launched Talent Engagement Suite is as an employer’s very own Resident Advisor, guiding and mentoring them towards hiring success.

There used to be a tried and true formula for university recruiting. Employers would attend career fairs, post their open positions, interview, and make an offer. The top employers personalized the student candidate experience by building relationships via recruiters and sharing more about their company during on-site information sessions. These best practices of the past now barely meet the typical student candidate’s baseline expectations. The shifting student journey reflects these expectations and shows the scale at which technology has enabled students to discover opportunities more effectively and efficiently.

Handshake engagement numbers from Fall 2017 to Spring 2018

In today’s competitive and technology-enabled talent marketplace, employer engagement with students at each and every step throughout the process is changing, as well. As the active student’s journey scales digitally and on the Handshake platform, the employer process and strategy must also scale. The Talent Engagement Suite helps organizations do just that as their guide (or RA!).

One of the coolest features of the Suite is the campaign and segmentation functionality. Using this feature, a recruiter can filter and find talent that fits exactly what they are looking for and then schedule personalized messages to be sent to the identified segment. This can be utilized for publicizing upcoming events, driving traffic to the employer’s brand page, or simply making a personal connection with these student candidates.

“On Handshake, 77% of students have told us they would prefer to join a company that reaches out to them. We know that the personal touch during every step of the recruitment process goes a long way. With the new Talent Engagement Suite, we aim to help college recruiters give this personalized feel at scale through smart campaigns, analytics, and branded content.” — Garrett Lord, Co-Founder and CEO of Handshake

Another critically important feature, the analytics platform, shows employers what’s working and what’s not working (or what their competitors might be doing that is “working” better). This is crucial as recruiters review the return on their investment and measure the reach and effectiveness of their communications and employer brand.

I could rave about the various features of the Talent Engagement Suite for hours, but my RA just knocked on the door and let me know it was “lights out” time. Be sure to check it out for yourself!