Real Communication vs. Alternative Facts

Crossroads is all about being real. When we launched in 2012, we were built on a foundation of 25 years of ethical and honest communications as Barkley Public Relations. Real seemed like a natural place for us to live when we were thinking about what our new company was going to stand for six years ago. In the 21st Century, we believe brands and individuals need to be real in order to operate in the marketplace of commerce and ideas.

Reality and truth seem to be under attack these days. Just recently, a political communicator suggested that alternative facts could exist in certain situations where the actual facts might be at opposition to one’s point of view on an issue. Let’s be clear. When it comes to facts, there is only one set. There are not alternative facts.

Our profession of public relations is in a unique position to make sure that facts are presented to the public, the media and other influencers to help them be informed and take action. Our profession can also do just the opposite and contribute to an environment where alternative facts gain traction and the truth is lost.

Our position at Crossroads is very clear. We are about real communication. And real communication means there can only be one set of facts.

Here is how our professional organization, the Public Relations Society of America, sees this misguided notion of alternative facts:

“Truth is the foundation of all effective communications. By being truthful, we build and maintain trust with the media and our customers, clients and employees. As professional communicators, we take very seriously our responsibility to communicate with honesty and accuracy.”
 “The Public Relations Society of America, the nation’s largest communications association, sets the standard of ethical behavior for our 22,000 members through our
Code of Ethics. Encouraging and perpetuating the use of alternative facts by a high-profile spokesperson reflects poorly on all communications professionals.”
 “PRSA strongly objects to any effort to deliberately misrepresent information. Honest, ethical professionals never spin, mislead or alter facts. We applaud our colleagues and professional journalists who work hard to find and report the truth.”

Perfectly stated. Remember to be real!