A poem by Two Prong T

The suspect arrested,
Hard and stead fast,
“You ain’t got nothing!
Nobody grassed!”
Evidence gathered,
Charged, not released,
Now I’m a number,
Freedom has ceased.
“Guilty, as charged.”,
The jury has said,
Down to the cells,
The prisoner is lead.
A convict my label,
For the time I am here,
Serve out my sentence,
Suppress all my fear.
I’m man on the outside,
Child locked inside,
I’ll puff up my chest,
Bravado my mask
I must hide behind.
Somebody help me,
My desire to change,
Is desperate and weeping,
Bravado just drains.
The child reaches out,
No convict remains.
A hand it grasped hard,
Then 3 or 4,
These people were saying ,
That I COULD be more,
Now I’m the man,
I hoped I’d be,
A 2 fingers salute,
To the “you will not…”’s,
It can be done,
Coz this leopard,
Did change his spots.

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