Level 3 Mentoring Individuals with Convictions Training

Crossroads Trust have again been approached by a number of volunteers throughout our core working areas of Nuneaton/Bedworth/Atherstone. Some wish to raise funds and help ‘backstage’, others would like to offer their experience and skills in mentoring our clients with previous convictions. We are inclusive, so we are always looking to promote, support or champion someone who has previous convictions, someone who has made a choice to leave crime behind and move on positively with their lives. That is why some 64%+ of us have previous convictions. To have walked in the same shoes is a powerful and authentic aspect of peer mentoring, no wonder the Ministry of Justice promote peer mentoring as an effective approach to reducing re-offending and in keeping our communities safer.

We are holding con Level 3 Mentoring Individuals with Convictions training Day 1 on Saturday for those volunteers who have an interest in mentoring. We are to be joined by mentors from other local agencies as they recognise the quality of our training and the ocn units that we deliver to ensure that everyone is safe and equipped to be able to safely work with members of the public.

Crossroads Trust volunteers have an amazing array of skills, experience and abilities. We are joined this month by craftspeople, a criminology student and other individuals with a wealth of life experience, patience and humour. Not everyone can mentor safely, not everyone would wish to mentor individuals in the community, but the impact this has can be profound on both mentor and mentee.

Inclusion and feeling part of the community is a way for individuals to feel connected to their areas. Less likely to offend, fewer victims, safer neighbourhoods. Peer mentoring works if done safely, helping others with complex and multiple issues is not easy, but the benefits can be amazing. Our Mentoring & Befriending Foundation quality award means that Crossroads Trust have Approved Provider Standard for the next 3 years in Warwickshire.

We firmly believe in people’s capacity to change. We believe that one person can make a difference to another person, if allowed the opportunity. Peer Mentoring works.

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