Local Clothing Bank Helping Disadvantaged Individuals

Press Release — [Friday February 27th 2015]

The Crossroads Trust a social enterprise based in Atherstone launched a clothing bank to support individuals recently released from prison in August 2014. Supported by a grant provided by the Heart of England Community Foundation the largest independent grant maker in Coventry, Warwickshire and Solihull. The Clothes Line Initiative Project (CLIP) has been successfully supporting clients in North Warwickshire. Including the towns of Nuneaton and Bedworth.

The Trust is again appealing to the communities of North Warwickshire to donate good quality clothing and shoes to the Clothes Line Initiative Project managed by the Crossroads Trust. The Trust has a storage facility in Atherstone from where clothing items are dispatched to individuals in need throughout the region. Every donation helps to transform the lives of individuals who are in need. Crossroads works with individuals striving to turn their lives around to lead positive law abiding lives.

The Clothes Bank has also been providing items to other disadvantaged groups such as homeless individuals and young people leaving care homes and setting up home. Stock levels are now getting depleted the Trust is requesting clothing and shoes for men and women to be donated.

Some of our clients leave prison with only the clothes they are wearing. This situation really is unacceptable. Can you imagine not having a change of clothing? How are they supposed to manage with their resettlement back into the community without adequate clothing? The Trust is able to provide donated clothes and new underwear and socks to give them some dignity. We are also being contacted by referral agencies to help homeless individuals who have no possessions and looking to get their lives back on track. There is such a great need for the clothes bank facility in North Warwickshire. But we can only continue to support individuals in need if the public donate unwanted clothing and shoes. As spring approaches it is a good time to have a clear out of clothes you never wear anymore. The communities of Atherstone, Nuneaton and Bedworth were fantastic last year with their generous support of the Clothes Bank. Giving a helping hand to individuals motivated to change their lives for the better is a community responsibility.

Lucy Hall,
CLIP Project Lead

If you have a clothing or shoe donation the Trust can arrange to collect directly from your home or workplace. Email enquiries@crossroadstrust.org.uk or call Lucy 07746205146 or John 07804236953. Alternatively you can take donated items directly to Community House, Coleshill Rd, Atherstone, CV9 1NU Monday to Friday 10–4.30pm

Lucy Hall Crossroads Trust Clothes Bank Project Leader

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