OCN Accreditation for Reintegrative Mentoring

Crossroads Trust have had an exciting week. We are are really thrilled to announce that our ‘Reintegrative Mentoring’ training programme has received OCN accreditation to Level 3. This bespoke training programme has been researched, written and delivered by one of our volunteers who is a University Lecturer and Researcher and has spent almost 30 years working in the criminal justice sector. It includes different accredited units in; mentoring individuals with convictions, safeguarding and safe practice, domestic abuse awareness and motivational communication skills for volunteers and mentors. Each unit has been individually accredited as part of the programme package our wonderful volunteers and mentors are participating in. There are more units planned and as they are written, they will be presented to OCN Credit4 Learning and Amersham & Wycombe College for their accreditation consideration.

Mentoring is a challenging role, and at Crossroads Trust, we wish to equip our wonderful volunteers as much as possible, recognising their skills, commitment and role.

By attending one of our OCN Credit4Learning accredited units, Crossroads Trust mentors and volunteers are assured that the training received has been mapped to national academic standards and has been passed through OCN Credit4Learning’s rigorous validation process down in Amersham. Crossroads Trust have membership of OCN Credit4Learning, and our training is externally moderated, reinforcing the quality of the training given.

Once the units are completed successfully, volunteers and mentors will be presented with a hologrammed certificate with nationally recognised credits, levels and a unique reference number. This is really important, because it gives the training programme an external currency for our learners and a recognition which differentiates our programme of training from others where ‘certificates of attendance’ are given. This is as a result of the external quality assurance that accredited courses provide.

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