Safe Network for the voluntary and community sector

I was invited by one of the directors of the Crossroads Trust to attend a child protection safeguarding training event, run by Safe Network for the voluntary and community sector (VCS) regarding safeguarding standards on the 17th March 2015 at Stafford Beacon Conference Centre. The session focused on information storing, policy making, recording and sharing important information. There was a lot of important and useful material delivered on improving the quality of safeguarding and collaborative working concerning issues around child protection. This is effective advice for the Crossroads Trust as behind criminal convictions there is usually a family and children who are affected either directly or indirectly. Very often children can be overlooked and it is imperative that we keep their interests as well as our clients in mind at all times. Courses such as this help refocus our broader role with society and are incredibly valuable for all those working in the voluntary and social sectors.

By Criminail

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