Tanya’s Story

There are so many inspirational people out there who have turned their lives
around — because they wanted too- and -because somewhere, someone
believed in them and gave them a helping hand.

I am very passionate about the good work that this wonderful organisation is doing. I will do my absolute best to create awareness of their work. I was fortunate enough to be invited to the official launch and I sat there with my heart in my throat — it was so touching and emotional. I walked away with a mission and determination to help and support in which ever way I can.

This post was created by me as volunteer and mentor — to reach out to you as my friends and family. We need everyone’s help, but in order for you to want to help — you need to understand- and I hope you will make an effort to, rather than turning a blind eye.

You and I are all good people, but let’s be honest — we have all made mistakes or bad decisions or perhaps found ourselves in a bad place or situation, in a moment of weakness or desperation we react in the wrong way. Some get caught up in these situations and eventually get caught out — others are lucky enough to get out of those situations and not get caught — either way — just because you have escaped the claws of the law, does not mean you have not offended. You are lucky to not have the stigma of a criminal record under your name -phew!! But please spare a thought for those who do — those have paid the price and done the time for their offences — they have served their sentences — do not still punish them afterwards — givethem a chance — like you would appreciate a chance were you in their shoes.

This goes much deeper and I will post on a regular basis quotes and clips of how the support upon prison release ends or discontinues in its absence — leaving these good people completely vulnerable in a world that that they have not been a part of for some time. The effect of that is almost obvious — the unknown is scary — being alone in a world where judgement prevails is petrifying — some re-offend to go back to jail purely because that was somewhere where they belonged, there was routine and as horrible as it is being locked up -the cold world they now face seems a lot worse. Others re-offend because they have nothing but the clothes on their back — no where to go- no one to go to- there is nothing or no one to help and support them through this vulnerable but very important time of settling back into the community -its easy to fall into the trap.

Re-offending costs us — as tax payers — millions every year. It also costs us good people — people who could have made a difference in our communities or our country. A good person now locked away again is someone’s soul mate -they should be out here- with support and help — to change their lives so they can be an ambassador or a husband and father or just a friend.

If I can change just one life I will be forever grateful, but it will be my mission to change many more. Our organisation has so many projects in place to assist our friends on their tough new journeys, but we do need help from you to make them happen. All your support and donations will be much appreciated — every tiny little bit helps towards changing a life.

It only takes one person to believe in someone and have faith in their
true worth as a person and their ability to change their life. If we
all became that one person — we would make our communities a much a
better place to live in — a l ittle bit of love and care can go a very
long way.

- Tanya H.