The Alchemist — Gardening Update

As you can see from the Crossroads Trust Twitter feed, our Earth project is well under way. The weather has certainly been kind and allowed us to make a start. You can gain real benefits from gardening. It has been proven that gardening can ease stress, keep you limber and even improve your mood. Gardening of course also gets you outside in the fresh air and sunshine, which for those of us who have spent time inside is certainly not taken for granted. Plus, getting rid of the ‘greyness’ is a real bonus! A tan!

Apart from the odd occasional jab of the earth with a fork, knowing that those who are around you have experienced the same during incarceration and all that it entails is a real comfort in the community. This is what the Crossroads Trust has in our peer mentors. Perhaps some days someone may just like to get issues off their chest, whether current or historical. Maybe just digging the earth may do the job. Overall, gardening is inclusive and fun and knowing that someone has experienced the same and is there to listen, helps.

I’m not going to mention any names in this blog, but someone said to me “The Crossroads Trust has come at just the right time for me.” Just this one statement alone makes peer mentoring and the work of the Crossroads Trust invaluable to those who need help in our community who have been released from prison. Offering support and having the chance of social interaction in a network of the same without prejudice, works.

So with all the chatting and cold drink drinking the spiky weeds have been getting it! We are still currently removing these monster weeds with the hope of actually planting some stuff! Who knows, one day when you’re eating a pork pie salad, a Crossroads Trust chutney ‘dollop’ may just be accompanying your plate. You never know!