Cadets from 58 countries flock to Crowd Machine to learn code-free app development

ANNOUNCEMENT: San Jose, California USA, 7 November 2018

On November 8 the doors of the Crowd Academy will swing open for the public beta. Hundreds of people from 58 countries around the world will begin their journey to learn how to develop apps on the Crowd App Studio.

Join Crowd Machine’s VP of Community Meg Jones and VP of Economics Camden Dore in the third ‘ask me anything’ (AMA) video for 2018 as they talk with two Crowd Cadets from the earlier Crowd Academy private beta. Osayi Igharo from Nigeria and Kathrin Hauck from Germany discuss their learning experiences and the amazing projects they are bringing to life with Crowd Machine.

Osayi Igharo has had careers in investment banking, telecoms, and the oil and gas industry. He is now the Managing Partner of Ripple VC, through which he partners with AI conferences across Africa to drive economic sustainability, educate entrepreneurs and accelerate the adoption of AI in the African startup ecosystem.

Crowd Cadet Osayi Igharo

Osayi has some coding experience, he began a computer science major before switching to business. But before committing to learning a computer language, he wanted to know, “At what point in a language’s lifespan do I jump in, because I don’t want to start coding in a language and then tomorrow it’s obsolete. I’ve tried my hand at a few non-code solutions but they felt like child’s play, they didn’t feel sophisticated enough to create the things I wanted to do.”

“I’m not the kind of developer that can sit down for 10 hours a day and bang out code,” he continued. “I really like that Crowd Academy’s been broken down into nice, delicious chunks that I can can jump into for two or three hours, bang out a section, hit it another day, and be done with the base.”

Kathrin Hauck is the Founder and CEO of Blockchain Fox. She has joined the Crowd Academy to develop a recruitment and staffing platform for freelancers. “I’m a business person and I was sure I’d never develop software by myself,” said Kathrin. “We’re now already developing the Project Crowd software, which is going hand-in-hand with the Academy.”

Crowd Cadet Kathrin Hauck with Project Crowd co-founder Dennis Hauck

“I’m not just watching the guys developing, I’m really into it as well,” she added. “We have a full stack developer on the team and you can see how easy for him it is to get into Crowd Machine, it just comes naturally to him. And we’ll also include an AI matching algorithm. Talking about the sophistication of Crowd Machine, everything is possible from my perspective.”

Meg Jones has a message for all Crowd Cadets, current and future. “Get a group of friends involved as well, because we’re going to be doing a heat map on where the uptake of Crowd Academy is greatest, with a view to enhancing our plans for bootcamps and hackathons. So it’s in your interest to team up, talk to your friends to get onboard and we can look at working with you more closely in 2019.”

Watch the 19-minute AMA in full on Crowd Machine’s YouTube channel.

To find out more about the Crowd Academy or to register your interest in joining, visit the Crowd Academy webpage.