Crowd Machine CEO Update on CMCT Theft

ANNOUNCEMENT: San Jose, California USA, 25 September 2018

Dear Community,

As you may be aware we are currently responding to an incident where access to our cryptowallet was compromised and there was a theft of Crowd Machine Compute Tokens (CMCTs).

The following update has been authorized for release by the law enforcement agencies with whom we are working.

As soon as we became aware of the theft, we notified the relevant law enforcement agencies who in turn immediately commenced investigations.

Since then, our team has been working tirelessly to support the relevant law enforcement agencies with information.

Those agencies have instructed us not to disclose their identities or any additional information regarding their activities so as to not jeopardize the ongoing investigation.

We can confirm that as a direct result of those activities:

  • most exchanges have now suspended trading in CMCTs;
  • an arrest has been made; and
  • we are working to recover the stolen property.

It is highly recommended that no one purchase CMCTs until the criminal investigations have ceased, at which time, we expect closed exchanges to re-open. Purchases of stolen tokens by those not involved with the theft will be honored.

We will let the community know when temporary trading suspensions are lifted.

I wish to express my personal thanks to the community for their continued and ongoing support and encouragement in relation to this matter.

During this time, I commend our development team for retaining their complete and dedicated focus on the Crowd Machine project which remains strong and resourced. The enhancement of our already functioning Crowd Machine platform, Crowd Computer network beta and our Crowd Base and Crowd Academy learning tools remain on track.

We will continue to release relevant factual information when we are authorized to do so by the relevant law enforcement agencies.

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Thank you,

Craig Sproule
CEO and Founder