How Crowd Machine Compute Tokens fuel the new generation of blockchain apps

We explain how the flow of CMCT in the Crowd Machine network facilitates the development and execution of apps.

ARTICLE — 22 June 2018

Crowd Machine’s Crowd Computer will be released to beta in August 2018.

The first release, in August 2018, will be restricted to the Crowd Machine super nodes, dubbed Agoric Nodes. A date for the second beta release, which will include the Activity Compute Nodes (ACN), will be announced in Q3 2018.

The Crowd Computer utilizes Crowd Machine Compute Tokens (CMCT) as payment for the execution of apps running on the network.

The amount of CMCT required to run an app is dependent upon the app’s complexity and number of users running the app. The more complex the app, or the greater the number of users running the app, the more CMCT is required. Therefore, as the number of apps deployed on the Crowd Computer increases, CMCT currently in the market will be consumed by app owners to pay for executing their apps.

The Crowd Machine team modeled the expected deployment of apps and how much CMCT they require over the next five years. The projections showed that by 2023 a supply of 1,700 million CMCT would be required to run the apps deployed on the Crowd Computer. To date, approximately 500 million CMCT have been released to market, with 1.5 billion held in reserve.

CMCTs will also be used by Agoric Node owners to pay for app tasks completed by their Activity Compute Nodes (ACNs). Agoric Node owners will therefore need to maintain an inventory of CMCT to act as a payment reserve for app tasks completed by their Activity Compute Nodes (ACNs). On proof of payment to their ACNs, Agoric Node owners are then paid by Crowd Machine. As the number of Agoric Nodes and apps running on the Crowd Machine network increases, demand for CMCT will increase and circulating supply will further reduce.

The CMCT public sale will not be recommenced until there is a noticeable increase in demand.

When the price of CMCT required to pay for app and Agoric Node reserves approaches the price of competitive alternatives available to app owners, more CMCT will be released to keep the price below those alternatives. The amount of CMCT released will be contingent upon maintaining that price point. This competitive pricing model promotes product adoption resulting in increased CMCT liquidity.

Crowd Machine is committed to becoming a dominant force in the decentralized Cloud market through provision of industry leading technologies and development of a loyal community of users. Crowd Machine challenges centralized infrastructure provider dominance by delivering a truly decentralized real-time computing platform for building and running apps.

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