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Building A NodeJS Crypto Portfolio Tracker Using The Crowdbotics App Builder

How I built and launched a Crypto Portfolio tracker app with the Crowdbotics NodeJS scaffold in an afternoon.

What the heck is the Crowdbotics Platform?

Put simply, the Crowdbotics platform takes you from Zero to One in application development. You can scaffold, deploy, and scale your application all on your own, or, if you need, you can add Crowdbotics certified developers to turn your ideas and specs into working code

Crowdbotics Scaffold stack

Why use Crowdbotics platform?

Crowdbotics is for person or business that that wants to build internet-connected applications.

Crypto Portfolio App

portfolio dashboard


Monitoring Prices using crypto compare widgets

Building with CB platform

Portfolio tracking

Why you should use Crowdbotics?


Build and deploy and app the Crowdbotics Beta Application Builder here for free. I recommend giving it a try.



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