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Crowdbotics Raises $22M Series A to Enable Anyone to Turn Ideas into Code

We’re pleased to announce Crowdbotics has raised $22M in Series A funding, led by Jackson Square Ventures with participation from Pacific West Bank, and our existing investors Homebrew, Harrison Metal, Bee Partners, and Berkeley’s House Fund. This follows $6M in seed funding. A special thanks to our angel investors James Tamplin, Ryan Petersen, Scott Belsky, and Mark Ayzenshtat, for supporting us since the early days.

Why now? We’re seeing a groundswell of enthusiasm for what’s being created here at Crowdbotics. There’s a growing recognition that low-code simply can’t create most of the software that people want to build; serious products need real code. Our approach — letting teams build with real code, directly in Git, using a growing library of prebuilt parts and knowledge — enables creators to actually scale on our platform rather than outgrow it.

This round will be used to introduce major feature additions to Crowdbotics in 2022, including:

  • hundreds more prefab features and architectures for quick-start building
  • broader design tooling for app layout, data, and workflow modifications
  • enhanced integrations with complementary tools like Figma and Google Cloud Platform
  • a more powerful product management-as-a-service (PMaaS) suite
  • niche feature sets for in-demand sectors like health care, finance, education, tech, media, and Web 3.0

We’re adding these features to support a faster, cheaper, higher-quality software development lifecycle for all users. That’s because something interesting happens when the activation cost of new products starts to approach zero. You enable a wave of innovation from creators and communities who have never built before, solving important problems that Silicon Valley missed.

In the past year alone, we’ve seen talented entrepreneurs come from everywhere, creating Google’s app of the day, raising venture capital from top funds ($100M and counting), and building huge revenue streams on the products they’ve created on Crowdbotics. Our oldest creator is 85 years old; our youngest is a high school student. These users may not have decades of entrepreneurial or technical experience, but that doesn’t matter with Crowdbotics; what matters is that they’re experts when it comes to the problems and opportunities within their market niches.

Inside the enterprise, we’ve seen customers drawn by the idea that they can enable new kinds of innovation at scale. Crowdbotics creators at the top end of the market include surgeons, nonprofits, finance teams, USAF fighter pilots, and increasing numbers of CIOs, technologists, and product teams.

We like to say that we’re democratizing software creation, and here’s what we mean by that: Crowdbotics enables anyone to turn their ideas into code by removing conventional barriers to innovation like geography, technical acumen, or access to capital. We’re excited to continue our pursuit of this mission and enjoy another massive year of growth in 2022.

A special thanks to the team here at Crowdbotics for being on the journey through this milestone, especially our growing community of top developers, product managers, and designers. If you’re looking to join us as we scale up to enable the next billion creators to build serious software, come talk to us.

And if you want help building your next great idea, get in touch.



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