👾 Add some pixel art flair to your GitHub calendar heat map ░▒▓█

Doodle on your GitHub contribution history graph with this NodeJS module

Feb 11, 2019 · 3 min read

I was so bored lately that I had the crazy idea to make this useless (therefore essential) project, GitHub Spray.

With it, you can draw on your 53 by 7 calendar heatmap shown on your GitHub Profile!

This command line interface is build in javascript, available as a npm module, and usable with npx. So the only things you need is Git and NodeJS installed, and you’re good to go 👍

Writing text ✍️

npx github-spray -t Medium --font mario

Patterns 🎨🖌

If you’re tempted to have something else than text, you can go ahead and design your own pattern 🤩

npx github-spray -p my_pattern.json

You can use this web app to graphically design patterns.

Why this name?

The naming idea comes from Counter Strike, where you could spray walls with your custom image as a technique to distract an enemies’ attention and backshoot them while their defenses were lowered.


Spray already contains several fonts so that you can easily write text. It has numerous of options such as specifying the start date, the font, invert colors, adjust colors, flip orientation, set a repo origin url and push to it.

How does it work under the hood?

Well, the Git CLI has a --date option to specify the date of the commit, so this program is simply iterating on days that you want contributions on and making one or more commits at those specific days.

By the way, the spray isn’t permanent, you can delete it at any time by removing the repo so, just go for it → GitHub Spray 🤙

PS: Don’t worry, I also make valuable contributions on GitHub, having some fun sometime doesn’t hurt, cheers ;)

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