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The easiest way to scale the brand new Azure SignalR service

A couple of months ago we migrated our push notification for the website to the brand new Azure SignalR service. In this post I am going to quickly give the steps to create a simple task that scales up and down the service in order to save money in your Azure account.

The Problem

This service is quite new so the pricing tiers and scale settings are still not very well designed for all customers cases.

In our case we have peaks of traffic during Europe business hours and during the night and weekends the traffic goes down. So the users connected to the push service vary through the day. Right now there is no an automatic scale system built for SignalR service as we have in App Services.

I have found a couple of post (this and this one) that goes deeper in details but we have created an easier way when using Devops Pipelines together with Azure CLI in a bash script.

Prices and tiers

Right now the SignalR service has 2 tiers: Basic and Standard.

SignalR tiers

With the Standard Tier you can scale 1,2,5,20, 50, 100 thanks to this page (Scale Option):

SignalR Units

To give an overview 100 units cost almost $5000 per month

The Solution

The code we use to scale:

#!/bin/bashResourceGroupName=$2SignalRName=$1CurrentDayOfWeek=$(date +%u)echo $CurrentDayOfWeekCurrentHour=$(date +%H)echo $CurrentHourif (( $CurrentDayOfWeek <= 5 ))thenif (($CurrentHour >= 6 && $CurrentHour < 22))thenecho is week signalr update -n $SignalRName — resource-group $ResourceGroupName — sku Standard_S1 — unit-count 2elseecho is week signalr update -n $SignalRName — resource-group $ResourceGroupName — sku Standard_S1 — unit-count 1fielseecho is signalr update -n $SignalRName — resource-group $ResourceGroupName — sku Standard_S1 — unit-count 1fi

At FXStreet we manage all the Azure maintenance task from Azure devops, probably is not the best way but is very versatile because you can execute scripts in the steps.

An example of the things we manage:

So how to scale SignalR service? We use Azure cli step in Azure dev ops

That’s it! less than 24 lines of code. In case you don’t use Azure devops you just need to add az login in order to login into your azure account and you can use the very same code.




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