The Manifesto

Project Guidelines


It will be a website with implemented gamification abilities and will serve as media for exchanging knowledge between users using open source code with social, marketplace and educational functions; wallet, crowdfunding, trade and voting properties and with an utility token as medium for transferring value between the peers.


The project will be managed through Github Teams, Projects, Issues, etc. like other similar project e.g. Bitcoin. All voting and other activities that can’t be managed on Github will be managed at corresponding Discord channels unless stated otherwise.


• The governing body consists of three teams (Business, Development and Marketing) managed by Team Leaders(TL) and one or more Advisors(A). The teams can contain sub-teams e.g Marketing Team can have Social Media Team.

• Everyone with Github account can add, suggest or request changes, features, etc. through Issues in corresponding project e.g. Whitepaper.

• Decisions (elevated from certain Issues or else) are made through voting by Team Leaders with absolute majority (2/3). The advisors can’t vote but can express their opinion on the subject to defend certain position at corresponding project’s page. The Team Leaders and Advisors have right to veto on given subject. In this case the subject goes to community voting.

• Community voters are verified Discord members (labeled with tag on Discord server) with at least 1 CRCL masternode. Every member has 1 vote regardless of how many masternodes he has and can access corresponding Discord channels to exercise his right to vote. It’s Community Manager’s responsibility to regularly check the every Discord member’s masternode possession.

• Everyone with corresponding account can observe the discussions at Github project’s pages and voting process at Discord channels.


• UNA — Community Management System (successor of Dolphin Pro) will serve as platform for implementation of social, gamification, marketplace and educational functions and

• BitShares — The code base behind CryptoBridge and other serious projects will serve as gateway for wallet, exchange, crowdfunding and voting properties of the project. Both are open source, properly licensed, possess the flexibility needed and complete each other, giving this project a posibility to achieve the Mission goals.

• Janrain — Customer Identity and Access Management for complete user’s registration, security and identity management.

• Consulting by an attorney office, having vast expirience in IPO/ICO/STO field, at every stage of creating the project’s website (WIP).