CrowdFarmX invited to SAP Design Workshop in preparation for MoU partnership signing

On 10 July 2018, CrowdFarmX (CFX) collaborated with SAP Asia for an exclusive Design Thinking Workshop at the SAP Leonardo Centre, Singapore. The workshop was attended by more than 15 key team and support members from CFX, in an effort to better understand how the future of the CFX ecosystem could be shaped using SAP’s Design Thinking methodology — one that emphasises a human-centric, systematic approach to innovation with empathy at its core.

Together with in-house SAP subject experts, Team CFX deep dived into current needs and challenges facing individual stakeholders slated for eventual on-boarding, before visualising the future by identifying opportunities to further leverage blockchain platforms for improvement. After an intensive whole-day session, a common understanding was reached, laying the foundation for further partnership between the two entities, with a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signing ceremony in the works to cement this partnership.

In light of CFX’s longstanding affiliation to SAP’s class-leading enterprise applications team, via parent company Netatech Pte Ltd, Team CFX would like to reiterate our commitment to partnering with the world’s top business minds and tapping on cutting-edge technological tools, in order to achieve our vision of revolutionising the agricultural and food security landscapes.

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The World's First Cooperative Farming Platform on the Blockchain - Transforming Farms, Transforming Lives


The World's First Cooperative Farming Platform on the Blockchain

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