Crowdholding update : Listed on CoinMarketCap & New Feature Updates

We are happy to announce we are now listed on CoinMarketCap. After many months of waiting for this moment, our application and YUP token is beginning to be recognised and we are excited CoinMarketCap reached out to us regarding this listing. This is the first step of the journey ahead to make YUP a valued and known token within our application. You can check out the current listing and price here:

In addition, we have some recent product feature pushes to help increase usability and retention of newcomers coming to CH. Let’s take a look at the new features:

The iTour

The iTour is a popup navigation tool to teach new users how they can use CH. Anytime you can try out the tour by clicking the iTour button on the top header next to “About.” In addition, when you sign up for the first time, the iTour will popup and ask if you want to do the tour. This was put into place to improve new user retention as we received feedback that newcomers for the first time, didn’t understand how to use our application. We tried to make it simple with a low time duration. You can give feedback and earn YUPs by trying out the iTour on our task here.

A screenshot of the iTour in use

New Project Page

Some important changes have been added on our Project page. In the past, projects were ranked by the number of votes they received from tasks. By default, projects are now ranked by how active they are. Our algorithm gives weight through 5 main points.

  • Has a live active task
  • Amount of time spent since last task
  • Number of comments and votes
  • Average reward amount
  • Admin responsiveness to users

In addition, you can now type and search for a project, including a sort and filtering feature allowing you to setup your own filter to navigate if you choose to use the default option, shown as “Most active” from the screenshot below.

Not only does this help the user navigate projects, but we also setup a notification system to reach out to businesses who are dropping or unactive for a period of time. Encouraging businesses to be active will improve and increase more content for users to respond too.

Lastly, we replaced token icons with company token logos which we have displayed in the profile section as well. This gives a better look to what tokens you own and if you put your cursor over the token logo, the ICO price of the token is showcased.

Keep in mind, many of our projects on CH are in pre/ICO stage and only a few have recently gone onto exchanges. While this builds up, we will showcase the live price of the token as well, this will be implemented soon.

We want to thank all the supporters who keeps following us and who are active on our app. We are building this for you, and to help bring the crypto industry mainstream. On CH anyone in the world can earn crypto regardless of borders. Which is the beauty of it all.

Have any questions? You can send a message to us via Facebook, or chatting with us on Telegram.