2019 sneak peek: candidates running up & down the ballot with Crowdpac

They’re running for office. You can, too.

Dec 19, 2018 · 5 min read

The 2018 elections are over. Now it’s time to start thinking about 2019 and elections that will be happening up and down the ballot in your town, city, state and across the country.

Change is possible when people step up to run for office. So we’ve got to ask — what about you?

We’ve helped thousands of candidates from Congress to Library Board test the waters risk-free with our “Start Running” tool. Much like Kickstarter, our Start Running tool allows you to ask your networks to pledge to your campaign should you decide to take the leap and run for office. Their credit cards are only charged if and when you decide you have enough support to run.

We’re offering those who sign up here our services in drafting a “Start Running” campaign using some of our best practices. Our team will work with you to determine when and what you should run for, and then we’ll create a Crowdpac page just for you & will work with you to launch it.

All you need is an idea and a desire to make a difference in your community. Sign up here to get started and we’ll be in touch with next steps.

While you contemplate running for office, meet some of the candidates who are motivated to run for state or local office in 2019:

Juli Briskman

Candidate for Loudoun County, VA Board of Supervisors, Algonkian District

In 2017, Juli found herself as the face of the #Resist movement after a photo of her flipping off the presidential motorcade went viral. As she made national headlines and became the subject of many late night show monologues, the company where she worked as a marketing executive fired her. Now the single mother is running to represent the Algonkian District on the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors. While the county is reliably Democratic at the state and federal level, Republicans maintain control of the board 6 to 3.

Kofi Annan

Candidate for State House, Virginia’s 86th District

Kofi is an immigrant, veteran, African American civil rights leader and business owner running to represent the 86th District in Virginia’s House of Delegates. He’s had a lifetime of service, joining the U.S. Army directly out of high school and serving in both Iraq and Afghanistan.

Following the high-profile deaths of unarmed African American boys, Kofi joined the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, where he now serves as the president of the Fairfax County branch.

Stacie Gilmore

Candidate for Denver, CO City Council, District 11

Stacie is running for re-election to represent District 11 on the Denver City Council. She’s an advocate for a person’s right to self-determine their own direction in life. Stacie has over two decades of experience in business and community service, which she has been recognized for both locally and nationally.

Monique Gatling

Candidate for State House, Virginia’s 92nd District

A recent graduate from Norfolk State University, Monique’s ready to represent the Hampton community in the Virginia House of Delegates. She’s dedicated her life to activism, working for grassroots organizations that focus on marginalized communities.

Monique is running in hopes of boosting the City of Hampton’s economy. She wants to bring innovative companies into the area, as well as advocate for improving the public school system by providing more resources and higher pay to its teachers.

Lisa Zargarpur

Candidate for Prince William County, VA School Board

Teachers across the country stepped up and ran for office in 2018. Lisa hopes to be among the next wave of educators elected to office next year as a candidate for the Prince William County School Board. Frustrated by an influx of students in the district but a stagnant salary for teachers, she hopes to be an advocate for the Prince William County’s teachers and staff.

D’Angelo Taylor

Candidate for Evansville, IN City Council, Ward 2

D’Angelo is running to represent Ward 2 on the Evansville City Council.

He hopes to bring the area growth by providing incentives for local businesses, advocating for affordable housing, and demanding budget transparency between elected officials and residents. He’s ready to lead Ward 2 to a brighter future.

LaTonsha Pridgen

Candidate for Prince William County, VA Board of Supervisors, Coles District

Latonsha, known around Prince William County as “LT”, has fought for children her entire life after her own childhood experienced abuse and poverty.

On the Prince WIlliam County Board of Supervisors, she’ll fight so that children receive a better education and their parents spend less time sitting behind the wheel in traffic.

Nelsie Yang

Candidate for Saint Paul, MN City Council, Ward 6

In 2016, Nelsie was the youngest Hmong American to ever be elected to the Democratic National Convention and led a team that trained over 300 people of color on how to participate in the political process to create change. She’s a grassroots organizer and social justice advocate running to represent Saint Paul’s 6th Ward on the City Council.

Clay McInnis

Candidate for Montgomery, AL City Council, 7th District

Born and raised in Montgomery, Clay has returned to make a difference in his hometown. He was the first student at Auburn University to graduate with a degree in Sustainable Entrepreneurship, which has helped him as the owner of Commerce Consulting, where he manages small business and trade associations.

You can discover even more candidates who share your values and support them in 2019 on Crowdpac.


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