Celebrate Earth Day by electing candidates who believe in science

Meet five pro-environment scientists and educators crowdfunding their campaigns for office

This year, Earth Day can’t come soon enough. The planet has been in peril for decades, and following Trump’s appointment of a pro-pollution climate change denier Scott Pruitt as head of the EPA, the situation is only going to get worse.

Only by working together can we save this planet. You can show your support for the planet and take a stand against Trump’s EPA by donating to the candidates on the frontlines of the fight for climate change regulations.

Check out these five inspiring scientists and educators that are taking a stand for our environment by running for Congress:

Jess Phoenix, candidate for CA-25

Jess is an actual earth scientist running for Congress. Her career goal of learning how we can better understand our planet and live harmoniously with it has taken her to the edge of volcanoes and to the most vulnerable ecosystems on this planet.

Help her take her expertise to Congress by supporting her Crowdpac campaign this Earth Day.

Randy Wadkins, candidate for MS-01

Randy is a chemistry educator and former Science and Tech Congressional Fellow. His experience on Capitol Hill showed him that Washington needs scientists to shape policy. Now he’s running for Congress himself. Give him a boost by donating to his Crowdpac campaign.

Joseph Kopser, candidate for TX-21

Joseph is an aerospace engineer, clean tech entrepreneur, and army vet who knows how to protect the earth and create jobs too. He made it to the primary runoff on May 22nd, so if you want to see his know-how in Congress, support his campaign by chipping into his Crowdpac ASAP.

Regina Bateson, candidate for CA-04

Regina left her tenure-track job at MIT to run for office because climate change, wildfires, and water shortages threaten her home district in California.

Help Regina fight these threats by supporting her Crowdpac campaign this Earth Day.

Aaron Godfrey, candidate for OH-16

Aaron chose to be a physics major in college because he wanted to work in renewable energy to make the world a better place. Aaron’s goal has always been to contribute positively to society. Now he’s going one step further by running for Congress.

Help Aaron use his knowledge to help the environment by supporting his Crowdpac campaign this Earth Day.