Introducing new features to collaborate and share your Crowdpac campaigns

New product update for your entire team

You can now grant management access to other team members for the same Crowdpac campaign. This includes the ability to edit, manage and view contribution information.

We’ve all been there. You want to log in to your campaign’s fundraising, email or social media platform ASAP. Or you need to grant another team member or consultant access to the account.

You could send around your login information. But you’d compromise security for the sake of convenience. Or you don’t know how to sign in to begin with, as the only staffer with permissions doesn’t work for you anymore. Or your coworkers aren’t ready for the password you’ve used since 8th grade.

We get it.

No one wants to deal with that logistical nightmare, nor do we want you to have to constantly reset your credentials.

That’s why we’re excited to announce the latest update to our platform: multi-user access. Now, teams of any size can easily manage their Crowdpac page through separate accounts. Anyone, from treasurers to digital directors, can make edits, post updates, track finances or download donor data.

Here’s how it works:

You’ll notice that there’s a new link in your campaign dashboard navigation called “Settings.” This page is where you’ll do the high-level management of your campaign.

There’s two levels of access: the campaign “Owner” and a campaign “Manager.” There can only be one owner. Managers have the same permissions as the owner, but they can’t delete or close a campaign.

To invite someone to become a manager, all you have to do is type the person’s email into the box and click add:

As soon as you do that, you’ll see the invited person as pending in the list below. To keep your campaign remains secure, you can revoke a pending invitation if needed. Please note that the invite links also expire after a period of time, again for security reasons:

The person you invited will receive a link directing them to sign in or create a Crowdpac account via email. Once they do that, they’re in! You’ll see their name on the Settings page, and that user will have instant access to the campaign.

If you did want to change the owner of your campaign, click the “Change who owns this campaign” link. This will send an email prompting our team to make that change for you.

If you have any questions or want to learn more about Crowdpac, you can reach us at

Happy campaigning!