Joseph Kopser wins Texas runoff!

How a Texas veteran and engineer surprised the political establishment after getting his start on Crowdpac

On Tuesday, veteran and entrepreneur Joseph Kopser took home a victory in the primary runoff for Texas’ 21st Congressional District. It was a decisive win for Kopser — winning by 16 percentage points — and now he’s going to make most of this opportunity to flip this deeply red seat blue in November.

But he wasn’t always sure that running for office was for him.

After the 2016 election, Kopser began to wonder how he could do more for his community. As he started considering a run for office, he wondered if he would have enough support, from his friends, family, and neighbors. He wondered if he could raise enough money to launch a viable campaign. And, most importantly, he wondered whether he could win.

Using Crowdpac’s unique pledge tool, Kopser was able find the answers he was looking for.

As a potential candidate for Congress in Texas’ 21st Congressional District on Crowdpac, he was able to solicit pledges of support from donors — on the condition that they would only be charged if he filed to run for office.

With Crowdpac, Kopser was able to gauge his level of support and build a community of followers, and, in just three days, his campaign raised $50,000 in pledges. His Crowdpac campaign gave him the answers he needed — that he had the support to run for Congress, and that he could maybe even win.

Kopser quickly declared his candidacy, and has since raised almost $100,000 from small-dollar donors on Crowdpac.

His pro-science campaign starkly contrasts the rhetoric of the Republican incumbent in this district, Chairman of the House Committee on Science Lamar Smith, who has praised Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement. Kopser, on the other hand, has been recognized by Obama’s White House as a Champion of Change for his efforts in energy and transportation.

With Rep. Smith retiring, Kopser hopes to turn this Texas district from red to blue. Learn more about Joseph Kopser and join the hundreds of Crowdpac donors who have supported his campaign here:

Joseph Kopser’s story is proof that you only can win if you run. You can start running for office now on Crowdpac: