Meet the winner of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Campaign to Terminate Gerrymandering

The opportunity to meet Arnold in Budapest is over, but the fight to terminate gerrymandering continues

Oct 22, 2018 · 2 min read

We’re excited to announce the randomly chosen winner of the opportunity to meet Arnold Schwarzenegger in Budapest:

Michael K., a physical therapist from New Jersey and a lifelong fan of Arnold!

Before supporting the campaign, Michael had an idea of what gerrymandering is — manipulating the boundaries of electoral districts to politically benefit one party over another. Like many, however, he had never ever looked into the specifics of gerrymandering and how disempowering the practice can be to voters.

Michael has been an avid follower of Arnold since he was young, calling him Superman and the epitome of the American Dream. Arnold’s background in fitness even inspired Michael’s career in physical therapy.

After seeing Arnold’s social media posts about his Crowdpac campaign to terminate gerrymandering, Michael jumped at the opportunity to meet his idol while supporting a worthy cause. Michael looked into the four organizations working to end gerrymandering practices in four different states and decided that this was the perfect campaign to make his first ever political contribution!

But it won’t be his last. Michael believes that campaigns like these provide a wonderful opportunity to talk about politics and do more in the current political climate.

Michael and his wife will be flown to Budapest at the end of the month to meet Arnold on the set of his new Terminator film.

You can join Michael and thousands of others in saving our democracy — support Arnold’s mission to terminate gerrymandering in four states through his campaign on Crowdpac.



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