Primaries in VA, NV, SC, ND, and ME

Meet the candidates that crowdfunded their way to the June 12 primary

On Tuesday June 12, voters in Virginia, Nevada, South Carolina, North Dakota, and Maine will make their voices heard in primary elections.

How candidates perform in swing states like Virginia and Nevada will be used to gauge the likelihood of a blue wave in November. Meanwhile, activists in South Carolina and North Dakota are interested in seeing how progressive policies play in their red states.

Here are some of the candidates on Crowdpac to watch — to find out more about how they crowdfunded their way through primary season, check out their campaigns below or visit

Jennifer Wexton

Candidate for Virginia’s 10th Congressional District
Virginia State Senator
State Senator Wexton was drafted to run for office through a Crowdpac campaign, and her entrance in the race turned this seat from Lean R to a Toss Up. Wexton wants to replace incumbent Republican Barbara Comstock, who won reelection by 6 points in 2016. Hillary Clinton won the district by 10 points.

As a former prosecutor, Wexton has served as an attorney for abused and neglected children. She believes Rep. Comstock has consistently voted against the interests of her constituents. Jennifer Wexton wants to take her track record of public service and fighting for hardworking Virginia families to Congress and be a leader in the #resistance against the Trump Administration.

Lindsey Davis Stover

Candidate for Virginia’s 10th Congressional District
Small business owner & former Obama administration official
Lindsey wants to bring progressive Democratic values, hard work, and over 12 years of federal legislative experience to Congress, including serving as a Chief of Staff on Capitol Hill and as a Senior Advisor in the Obama administration at the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

She has a firsthand understanding of the impact of Trump’s policies: “I went to work at age 14 to help my family pay bills and save for me to attend college. Between student loans and working three jobs, I put myself through college and graduate school.”

Peter Volosin

Candidate for Virginia’s 6th Congressional District
Economic planner and EMT-first responder
Peter has a deep love for the Blue Ridge mountains. Born and raised in Roanoke, he still lives there with his husband and rescue dog, exploring the Appalachian Trail. His community in rural Appalachia has been hit hard by the opioid crisis and the economy these past several years, which is why he’s running to ensure everyone can make a living and build a better future for themselves in his district.

Theresa Hayes

Candidate for Governor
Maine State Treasurer
As Maine’s independent, Clean Elections candidate for Governor, Terry is running a campaign free of special interests and without the backing of any particular political party. She was the state’s first independent State Treasurer, and has “earned the respect of people across the political spectrum for her no-nonsense, non-partisan leadership, and for her work to restore civility in politics.” Terry used Crowdpac to raise money to qualify for Clean Elections and ballot access.

Guy Pinjuv

Candidate for Nevada’s 3rd Congressional District
As the Trump administration pulls out of the Paris agreement on climate change, and climate deniers crowd the halls of the EPA, it has never been more important to have a voice that understands science in Congress. Guy, a second-generation native Nevadan and PhD-trained scientist, wants to bring his life’s work on climate change and sustainable agriculture projects to policy discussions on behalf of Nevada’s 3rd Congressional District.

This was a battleground district in 2016, when Democrat Jacky Rosen flipped the seat blue following Republican incumbent Joe Heck’s U.S. Senate run. With Rep. Rosen running for Senate rather than seeking reelection, 7 candidates are vying for the Democratic nomination in this R+2 seat.

Jack Love

Candidate for Nevada’s 3rd Congressional District
Business owner
Jack is also a native Nevadan in the running to represent the 3rd District. His experience as a business owner and family man has convinced him that America is headed towards oligarchy, with fewer opportunities for all. The insurance agent has helped hundreds of Nevadans navigate the health insurance landscape — he believes Medicare for All is the best option. He’s running on a platform of increased access to healthcare, a robust public education system, and ensuring that spent nuclear materials are not stored in Nevada’s Yucca Mountain.

Kambrell Garvin

Candidate for State House, 77th District
Law student & former teacher
Kambrell is a former public school teacher who has experienced firsthand the persistent access and achievement gap in education throughout South Carolina. He believes that the only way to build a better future for students is by championing safer neighborhoods, higher wages, criminal justice reform, and better healthcare. As a local NAACP activist, Garvin has led efforts that registered hundreds of new voters, organized and spoke at numerous rallies and political action events on matters ranging from education to social justice.

Dedric Bonds

Candidate for State House, 103rd District
Teacher and Reporter
Dedric is a lifelong public servant; he has served as prevention specialist with his county’s Alcohol and Drug Abuse Commission and as a history teacher. He’s running to improve healthcare, strengthen education, and ensure access to affordable housing for the residents of Georgetown County.

Josef Preston

Candidate for State House, 112th District
Nurse and Firefighter
Josef first realized he had to run in 2016 when he realized at his voting booth that nearly every race on his ballot was unopposed. As a foster parent, public servant, and nurse, he wants to be the voice for those who haven’t been represented by the state’s long-unchallenged incumbents.

Mark Ali

Candidate for South Carolina’s 5th Congressional District
A Surinamese immigrant, Mark has pursued the American dream with grit and perseverance, working odd jobs while he pursued an education. By running for Congress, Mark hopes to make life easier for all working-class Americans by advocating for equal pay, a federal minimum wage, and Medicare For All.

Sarah Work

Candidate for Treasurer
Certified Public Accountant
South Carolina faces a crisis for its retirees enrolled in the state’s retiree’s pension plan. The mismanagement of this plan has drawn Sarah, an experienced public accountant, to run as an Independent candidate for State Treasurer. She wants to set things straight again for South Carolina’s oldest and most vulnerable population.