Primary elections in 8 states–including California — will determine the electoral landscape heading into the midterms

Here’s some of the races to watch on Crowdpac

Voters in California, Alabama, New Jersey, Mississippi, Iowa, Montana, South Dakota, and New Mexico are casting their ballots in primaries tomorrow to determine which candidates will advance to the general in November.

Here are a few of the awesome candidates using Crowdpac to crowdfund their campaigns — read their stories and visit their campaigns to learn more about them:

Jessica Holcombe

Candidate for US House of Representatives, CA-1
Jessica grew up the oldest of 7 children in a poor family and through education and perseverance has become a lawyer and public servant. She wants to ensure people in her rural district get access to opportunities just like she did by fighting for universal healthcare, a living wage, and increased funding for public education. If she’s one of the top-two vote getters in the primary, she could pull a Conor Lamb in another R+11 district. The GOP incumbent Doug LaMalfa voted to repeal Obamacare and to cut funding to food stamps his constituents rely on.

Jess Phoenix

Candidate for US House of Representatives, CA-25
Earth Scientist
Jess is a volcano scientist who has chased volcanic movements from the depths of the Pacific to the heights of the Andes. She wants to bring a pro-science, evidence-based approach to policy-making in Washington. Jess is one of four Democrats vying for a spot in the top two, and “what sets [her] apart from anybody else in the race for Congress in California’s 25th District is the unique opportunity to replace a climate science denier, who sits on the House Science Committee, with an actual scientist.”

Joy Silver

Candidate for California State Senate CA-28
As the visionary for a start-up LGBT Senior Community and consultant for SilverSenior Living, Joy is well-prepared to deliver better care and treatment for seniors. She also believes that all Californians deserve jobs, sustainable communities, and better education funding.

Kenneth Mejia

Candidate for US House of Representatives, CA-34
Certified Public Accountant & Bernie Delegate
Sparked by the enthusiasm of the Bernie Sanders campaign, Kenneth quit his job and devoted his life to fighting for the 99%. A Green Party candidate has never held a seat in Congress, so a Mejia primary victory on Tuesday would mean an upset for the two-party system. He’s raised over $66,000 in small-dollar contributions for his people-powered campaign.

Regina Bateson

Candidate for US House of Representatives, CA-4
Social Scientist & Professor

Rep. Tom McClintock of California’s 4th District has a reputation for his extreme Tea Party views. Despite promising to move into the 4th district, he has yet to live in the district he represents, and has even voted against funding for his district. Regina, on the other hand, is a proud native of the 4th and has vowed to leverage her record of public service and policy expertise into a better future for her district. The first-time candidate left her job at MIT to run for office after Crowdpac’s tools made her believe a run for office was possible. After she made a pledge campaign, her Crowdpac page went viral in her district, raising over $4,000 in the first 24 hours.

Kevin Kensinger

Candidate for US House of Representatives, CA-48
Product Manager
Kevin left law school in the midst of the recession with over $100,000 in debt. He worked 15 hours a day to support his family, getting by without health insurance and barely paying the bills. When he couldn’t find a candidate to support, Kevin decided to run for office himself.

As a candidate, he has a to-do list for California’s 48th, which includes fixing the opioid crisis, implementing criminal justice reform, and passing common sense gun safety measures. Running to replace Republican incumbent Rep. Dana Rohrabacher–a member notorious for his closeness with Russia–Kevin believes that it’s time to rise above partisanship to fix a rigged system.

Marge Doyle

Candidate for US House of Representatives, CA-8
As the vice-president of the board of the Morongo Basin Health District, Marge saved her local hospital from closing down, averting a catastrophe in her desert and mountain community. She doesn’t think her representative, who has voted repeatedly to take away healthcare from over 100,000 people in the 8th District, is listening to his constituents. That’s why she’s running to bring a sensible voice on healthcare to Congress.

Jeff Bleich

Candidate for Lieutenant Governor
Jeff is the former head of the State Bar of California, a former Ambassador to Australia, and was a senior advisor to President Obama. This lawyer has also fought for the disadvantaged and the vulnerable. Now that he’s back in his hometown of Oakland, he hopes to bring his extensive experience to the lieutenant governor’s seat in Sacramento.

Amanda Renteria

Candidate for Governor
Former Policy Adviser to Hillary Clinton
Amanda has made public service her calling, having been a math teacher, municipal budget analyst, and the first Latina Chief of Staff in the history of the US Senate. She has decided to take her experience in Washington and her recent experience at a senior level in California’s Department of Justice to bring fresh ideas on how to serve others to the Governor’s office.

Laurie Sylwester

Candidate for Board of Supervisors, District 3, Tuolumne CA
Laurie is a former supervisor (1999–2002) so she knows how a supervisor in Tuolumne County can best serve their residents. She is running to make her county government more participatory and more accessible.

Zach Wahls

Candidate for Iowa State Senate, IA-37
LGBTQ+ Rights Advocate
In 2011, Zach testified before the Iowa House Judiciary Committee about growing up with two moms, and the video of his testimony went viral. After co-founding Scouts for Equality, an organization that helped end the Boy Scouts’ ban on gay scouts and gay scout leaders’ participation, Zach now wants to take his message of inclusion and equality to the Iowa State Senate.

Jared Pettinato

Candidate for US House of Representatives, At-large
Jared is running against incumbent Republican Rep. Greg Gianforte, who punched a reporter in May 2017 during the run-up to the special election to replace Ryan Zinke, who now serves as Secretary of the Interior. Jared wants to promote wind energy, create more clean jobs, and focus on fighting wildfires.

Randy Wadkins

Candidate for US House of Representatives, MS-1
Chemistry Professor at Ole Miss
As a former Science and Technology Congressional Fellow, Randy is familiar with the ins-and-outs of formulating science-based policy on Capitol Hill. Randy wants to use his knowledge and experience to reform how we deliver healthcare in this country. His campaign on Crowdpac has raised over $30,000.

Andrew Kim

Candidate for US House of Representatives, NJ-3
Former Strategic Adviser to Obama
Andy Kim started a campaign on Crowdpac to test the waters before running for Congress. To his surprise, he has raised over $50,000 on Crowdpac, with over $40,000 in under a week: “I haven’t done an actual live and aggressive fundraising push yet — I’m really blown away from the response.”

This overwhelming response to his campaign on Crowdpac helped give him the confidence to run against Rep. Tom MacArthur, an architect of Trump’s plan to dismantle Obamacare. A former national security adviser to President Obama, Andrew is running to keep America safe from foreign threats and ensuring all Americans have access to affordable healthcare. Neither Kim nor MacArthur have opponents in tomorrow’s primary, guaranteeing that they’ll face off in the general in November.

Jim Keady

Candidate for US House of Representatives, NJ-4
Tavern Owner & Activist
Jim’s representative hasn’t held a town hall in his district for 25 years. Meanwhile, Jim, a victim of Hurricane Sandy, is known for his tense confrontation with former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie — Keady refused to “sit down and shut up” when standing up on behalf of Hurricane Sandy families. Jim stays engaged with his community as the owner of his family’s local tavern, soccer coach, and pro-labor activist. He’s running to send a message to his Congressman and other long-time absentee incumbents that their days of ignoring their constituency are numbered.

Josh Welle

Candidate for US House of Representatives, NJ-4
Veteran, educator & business leader
Also running in New Jersey’s 4th is Josh Welle. His diverse background includes leading missions in Afghanistan, the Persian Gulf, and East Asia while serving in the Navy; acting as lead editor of an LA Times best-selling book; and helping organizations protecting the environment & preventing veteran homelessness. His expertise is in national security affairs, public policy, and business. Now, he is combining those experiences to care for his home district in New Jersey.

Mallory Hagan

Candidate for US House of Representatives, AL-3
Miss America 2013
Former Miss America Mallory Hagan has dedicated her career to shining a light on corruption and the issues she cares about, such as the prevention of child sex abuse. Last year, the Huffington Post exposed sexist and vulgar messages about former Miss America winners (including Mallory) that were sent by the organization’s CEO, Sam Haskell, and other top pageant officials. After Mallory and dozens of former winners spoke out, Haskell and several pageant executives were forced to step down.

She launched an exploratory campaign on Crowdpac to run in Alabama’s 3rd Congressional District, where Republican incumbent Mike Rogers has won handily in the past 8 elections. According to Hagan, her district isn’t properly represented, and “anyone being in a position of power for 16 straight years just goes against what our democracy is about.” Since receiving enough pledges of support on Crowdpac to declare her candidacy, her campaign has raised over $22,000 in small-dollar donations.

Dr. Adia McClellan Winfrey

Candidate for US House of Representatives, AL-3
Psychologist and published author Dr. Adia McClellan Winfrey is also vying for the Democratic nomination in Alabama’s 3rd. Since moving back to Talladega in 2014, Adia, known as “Dr. Dia,” has worked with local politicians and community organizations to launch several community events and initiatives. When she’s not campaigning, the single mother of four is running her business: a hip-hop youth empowerment program. She’s one of 35 black women making history by running in Alabama this year, and she wants to leverage her connections to the community in order to elevate education and enhance innovation in her district.

James Lee Auman

Candidate for US House of Representatives, AL-4
Youth Minister
For three of the last four congressional elections, Republican incumbent Robert Aderholt has run unopposed in Alabama’s 4th Congressional District — he’s been representing the same district for some 22 years! This young Alabamian believes that’s unacceptable. Voters deserve a choice, and Democrat Lee Auman has stepped up to give them one. By moving into politics, James hopes to bring the message of compassion that he’s demonstrated in his work with his church and his appreciation for his small town, rural community to Congress.

Danner Kline

Candidate for US House of Representatives, AL-6
Craft Beer Portfolio Manager
As the founder of Free the Hops, a campaign to liberalize Alabama’s Prohibition-era laws on alcohol, Danner made it possible for Alabamians to buy craft beer from any grocery store and enjoy craft beer at dozens of breweries across the state. Running in one of the most conservative districts in Alabama, Danner believes that he can bring people together as a progressive running on bread and butter (and beer) issues. His campaign has raised almost $30,000 on Crowdpac.

Heather Milam

Candidate for Secretary of State
Publisher & Marketing Expert
This progressive candidate is passionate about voter rights and wants to restore a commitment to serving the needs of qualified voters within the state. Heather has had a 15-year career in publishing and marketing, including seven years in an entrepreneurial role running a local media company.

“Alabama has immense historic significance as ground zero in the fight for voters’ rights and voter access. The leaders of the Civil Rights Movement stood up to intimidation and violence to demand their voting equality through peaceful but powerful action. This is our legacy in Alabama.”

Cory Creel

Candidate for Alabama State House, AL-88
Law Student
After the sitting Republican controlled Alabama House of Representatives sponsored, and passed, legislation that would remove special elections in case of a vacancy in Alabama’s US Senate seat — the ‘Doug Jones’ bill, Cory decided it was time to step up and run for office. “We need the people of Alabama to stand up and refuse to let any party go unopposed in elections or lawmaking,” says Cory.

The first-time candidate hopes to turn his recent legal education and his experience as the father of a young family into a political career fighting for better schools, water, and support for families in Alabama’s State House.