Sue A Nazi: This group is taking the Nazis behind Charlottesville to court

Integrity First for America is crowdfunding a lawsuit against the leaders of the Unite the Right rally

In August last year, the alt-right, neo-Nazi, and white supremacists gathered in Charlottesville to commit acts of hate and violence. Several people were critically injured, and one person, Heather Heyer, was killed.

Immediately, it became clear that what happened in Charlottesville was no accident. The rally’s organizers intended to carry out criminal acts of violence, planning in detail what weapons to bring and how to make their weapons more dangerous.

The best way to fight back is not in the streets, as the Nazis and white supremacists would, but to fight back in the courts. Integrity First for America, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, is suing 25 leaders of the alt-Right, neo-Nazi, and white supremacist movements, who planned and committed the violence in Charlottesville.

But preparing for a trial like this won’t be cheap. The 10 plaintiffs — 3 of whom were hit by James Alex Fields when he drove his car into a crowd of protestors — are counting on this case for justice. Integrity First for America needs help crowdfunding the costs associated with this case — from security for the victims to court costs, as well as access to lawyers and other experts to keep the brave plaintiffs safe and win the case.

Attorney Roberta Kaplan, known for her work to make same sex marriage a reality across the country, is one of the star litigators fighting for justice for Heyer and the Charlottesville community. Kaplan believes that you can’t reverse the damage caused by these riots, but you can begin to heal a community’s wounds by holding the leaders of these movements accountable:

A U.S. District Judge recently delivered the plaintiffs a huge victory, ruling that the lawsuit should proceed despite attempts by the defendants to have the case dismissed. This means that the suit will go to trial in 2019, offering the Charlottesville victims the chance to hold the neo-Nazis and white supremacists accountable for their actions.

The future of our civil rights hangs in the balance. This case will set a precedent on whether we as a nation accept racialized violence motivated by hate, and whether we will allow that to further divide our communities. As Roberta Kaplan says, echoing Martin Luther King Jr., there is no wrong time to seek justice — learn more about the crowdfunding campaign powering this lawsuit on Crowdpac today: