The Blue Avengers are ready to take back the Virginia House of Delegates

Three Democratic candidates who lost by a slim margin in 2017 return for a sequel next year

Motivated by the results of the 2016 election, voters in Virginia delivered a stunning rebuke to the Trump administration and Republicans last year by sweeping statewide offices, including the governorship.

Democrats missed taking the majority in the Virginia House of Delegates by just 2 seats.

Joshua Cole, Donte Tanner, and Shelly Simonds lost close races that could have given Dems control. Shelly Simonds came close to winning, but her race was decided by a drawing of lots after a tie vote with her opponent. Donte Tanner, an Air Force veteran and small-business owner, lost in a recount for his Centreville district by only 101 votes.

Rev. Joshua Cole’s Stafford County and Fredericksburg districts suffered many voting irregularities, with voters receiving the wrong ballot as well as absentee ballots being tossed out. He was only 73 votes short of a recount, with 384 voters redirected to vote in another district due to mislabeled district lines.

Luckily, all three candidates are ready to take another shot at winning their districts.

The Blue Avengers Fund is about gathering the support necessary to put these three candidates over the finish line in 2019. Their wins would help guarantee that Democrats take back the Virginia House of Delegates, and thus expand Medicaid and ensure well-paying jobs for all Virginians.

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